Algerian youth get a career kick-start with Djazair Ta3mal

Posted by Lyes Lamri, Citizenship Programs Manager for Algeria

 Youth unemployment in the Arab world is an acute problem and, according to the Arab Labour Organisation, stands at 30% - the highest rate of any region worldwide. In Algeria, it’s not much lower at 24%. There is a deep pool of resources across the region, but in order to open this well of potential, we need to develop the necessary skill sets in our youth.

It is with this in mind that we developed YouthWorks – an employability initiative conducted both online and offline. Today, we have a regional platform for the Arab world, in partnership with Silatech, with country specific platforms in Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Palestine, Morocco and now Algeria.

With the launch of our Algerian employability portal, Djazair (Algeria) Ta3mal in May this year, unemployed young Algerians and aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to turn their ambitions into a reality and begin their working lives. We aim to offer job seekers career guidance, skills training and access to more than 700 online courses to build their professional skills, as well as connect them with potential employers. For entrepreneurs we offer essential information on how to set up and finance a business.

We have implemented the portal in partnership with Emploitic, World Learning and AIESEC, each of which will bring their knowledge and expertise in training, supervision and support, contribute to content development and ensure that Ta3mal meets the unique needs of Algerians.

I am eager to see the impact this portal will have on Algerian youth, especially as there have been some wonderful success stories coming out of the Arab world already. For example, Following a demonstration of the Djazair Ta3mal platform at the Wednesday launch, university student Ons Gharbi said, "We see that Djazair Ta3mal is rich in content, and a different type of platform from other job sites. Youth need such a portal to help and guide them in their job search, as well as if they choose to become entrepreneurs and launch businesses.”

It is often the case that the youth might have had the opportunity to get an education, but they lack the practical skills required to find work and add value in the workplace. Our goal with our employability portals such as Djazair Ta3mal is to help develop professional, leadership and life skills and give our youth a kick-start in their careers.

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