Windows 8: Changing the way we work and play

By Attilla Szenvedi, Marketing and Operations Director, WECA and IOI

Technology is changing the world and has transformed the way people work and play forever. The term ‘global village’ has become popular to describe how friends, family and businesses spread out across countries and continents are able to communicate effectively and close the physical gap between them with the aid of technology. Africa currently has more than 650 million mobile phone subscribers and over 167 million internet users, and these numbers will grow dramatically over the next few years. African smartphone penetration is also predicted to increase to 17% in 2017, according to Analysis Mason, and this will further drive internet adoption.

The interconnectivity explosion and innovation of new devices, has created a world where people can connect and do business anytime, anywhere. Businesses are taking advantage of new technologies to become more flexible, agile, and penetrate previously inaccessible markets and borders. And having the right operating system in place is critical to support a new, and better way of doing things.

Windows 8, which has just sold over 100 million licences, is designed for mobility and connectivity, making it the perfect platform across all devices. With a touch screen interface it operates seamlessly on tablets and smartphones, but is just as exciting for traditional PCs operated by a keyboard and mouse.

In addition to enhanced security and reliability, it has a super speedy boot time, operates ten times faster than XP, and saves power and battery consumption by over 20%. A colourful, customisable dashboard, and intuitive swipe gestures, gives Windows 8 a ‘cool’ edge. There are over 60 000 Windows apps already available and Microsoft is investing heavily through our  DevCamps, AppFactory, and Imagine Cup initiatives, in a generation of African developers with the skills and expertise to increase Windows 8’s local offerings.

When it comes to technology, our continent is abuzz with excitement! So join the party and download Windows 8 now.

So, here are some of my favourite features to get you started.

  • Data Sense tracks data usage across cellular networks so you don’t exceed monthly limits.
  • A new look and feel Start Screen with Live Tiles is fully customisable and acts as a virtual bulletin board where you can pin specific websites and particular sections from an app.
  • BitLocker, a security feature that encrypts your PC to protect it from complex, modern threats.
  • Windows To Go allows you to save your own customised version of Windows 8 with all settings, documents and apps on a USB stick. When plugged into another device, it will look exactly the same. Perfect for a mobile workforce!
  • Handwritten note-taking in One Note and commenting on a Word document by hand using digital ink. Sales staff can also close deals on-site by collecting a customer’s signature directly on the display.
  • Windows 8 Storage Spaces lets you expand your storage without replacing your drive and uses data mirroring across drives so that, even if one of the drives crashes, the data remains available. 
  • SkyDrive acts as a data-keeper in the cloud with the ability for you to store, edit, and share Office documents and multimedia content online, from any device.
  • Productivity boosting apps including Lync, Invoice 360, Team Viewer.
  • A highly useful dashboard for displaying critical information quickly. Including business metrics, sales information, supplier and partner status, and more. Easier access to information and critical apps is great for business! Improve your business in a minute with Windows 8 videos from our BusinessHub

Comments (5)

  1. msafrica says:

    Thanks for the comment Caspar. We can't wait for you to be part of the Windows 8 experience.

  2. caspar mathake says:

    so freaking awesome….. gotta get one too

  3. molapok says:

    im using windows 8 its kool

  4. vincent says:

    does come with an unty virus in handy?I use it but my machine seems to have a very bad virus.

  5. teevo says:

    still disappointed with the windows surface rt cause of inability to use my usb modem

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