A local approach to customer service & support

Posted by Dora Mbuyi
Marketing Communications & CPE Lead

Customer support has always been a core focus for Microsoft. The recent roll-out of more local support numbers in Africa is yet another important milestone for us. By expanding our local dedicated support services in Africa to include Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, and Namibia; we are underscoring our commitment to the continent.

Evolving to meet customer demand

Looking back over Microsoft’s history, it’s clear that as the company has grown and evolved, so has our support base.

- In 1975, customer support consisted of just two people, Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
- In 1990, with the launch of Windows 3.0, we had just 500 support personnel in place.
- By 1995, we were providing support in 29 languages.
- We went on to launch online support services, and later launched support services on Twitter.

Fast-forward to 2012 and we now have 90 000 employees in over 190 countries supporting and developing varied products and services for our customers and partners. This is not where it ends though.  Our roll-out of local support service in Africa is just another step in our evolution to offer customer support services that reflect the diversity and geographic breadth of our customers and partners.

Comments (3)

  1. msafrica says:

    Hi Thuto,

    Azure is not available in Botswana yet unfortunately. Are you a student? With regards to apps, we are gradually rolling out new features to more markets on a regular basis and will keep you updated on our Facebook page (Microsoft Africa) and on this blog when pay outs for paid apps are available in your region.


    The Microsoft Africa team.

  2. Thuto says:

    When are you going to include Botswana, as developers we still have no access to windows azure.. no access to publish our win8 apps to windows store….

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