Where Have Africa’s Future Builders Gone?

Posted by Louis Otieno
Regional Director, Business Development & Strategy for Microsoft Africa

Original source: This is Africa - Where Have Africa's Future Builders Gone?

"Young people around the world are facing an emerging opportunity divide between those who have access to a good education, the skills and connections to be successful and those who do not."

The Education for All and Millennium Development Goals were set out in 2000, but twelve years on the world is a very different place.  Looking around us, there is a great deal of uncertainty. The economic and political landscape of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues to evolve following the Arab Spring. A global recession is exacerbating existing unemployment issues, even where the effects of the downturn are less evident, such as sub-Saharan Africa.

In particular, youth unemployment is growing across the region, and this presents a huge problem. We absolutely must not lose sight of the young people who will help shape the economies of tomorrow. These ‘future builders’ have the potential to challenge the status quo, yet in a shrinking labour market their options are becoming increasingly limited. Set to play a critical role in economic revival, our future builders need our support. How can we fashion a more inclusive economy?

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