The benefits of buying ‘genuine’ get sweeter for consumers in Africa

Posted by Werner Wilders
OEM / Retail and Consumer Director for Microsoft West, East Central Africa

When it comes to technology, standing still is falling behind. The rate at which technology changes is so fast and its implications for business so enormous that any lag behind the latest updates and functionality can directly equate to lost potential. That’s why we continue to urge our customers to install the latest updates and why we provide a range of free tools to enhance the performance of their software. 

Making ‘free’ really mean free

Consumers can download the latest security solutions, media tools, themes, Internet Explorer 9 and service updates for Windows 7 at, for free. But for many consumers in Africa, just because something is ‘free’ online, doesn’t mean obtaining it is necessarily affordable or convenient. The high cost of bandwidth on the continent means that to download antivirus software in West, East and Central African countries for example, you’ll pay anything from $25 to $40; add this to limited and unreliable internet accessibility and it is understandable why so many consumers don’t download ‘free’ tools made available online. 

To address this, we’ve developed the ‘Africa Pack’ – a suite of popular Microsoft technologies and locally-relevant content in DVD format. It’s free to consumers across Africa who purchase or currently run a genuine version of Windows 7, and is available to Microsoft partners to distribute with new PCs that are preinstalled with, or bundled with locally attached copies of genuine Windows. We hope that by making this content available offline, we’ll save our customers time and money, and ensure the very latest Microsoft technologies are easily accessible to them.

One of the key technologies included in the Africa Pack offering is Security Essentials. Having the latest security technology is becoming critical amid the ever-increasing plethora of malicious software that can harm your PC or target private information. We don’t want our consumers to put themselves or their families at risk by delaying security updates because of slow download speeds or cost. Now, with Africa Pack, we are ensuring that every user who has a genuine copy of Windows 7 will have access to free antivirus software to protect their computer.

(Locally relevant) Content is King

We’ve often spoken about our commitment to our Local Language Program. We believe in the benefit of learning in one’s first language as well as the importance of keeping local languages alive by ensuring they remain relevant and continue to evolve. So our Africa Pack, available in English and French, also contains local language interface (LIP) packs for the most widely spoken languages in Africa: KiSwahili, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Amharic. The first edition of the Microsoft Africa Pack includes: Microsoft Security Essentials; Windows Live Essentials; Africa Theme Pack (desktop wallpapers and themes to customize your PC); Local Language Interface Packs (LIPs); Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 Service Pack 1.  

Comments (3)

  1. msafrica says:

    Our sincere apologies for the delay in response Dellu! If you let us know what country you reside in, we’ll provide you with contact details for a distributor in your area who’ll send you a copy of the Africa Pack. In the meantime, as Peter has responded,
    you may also download the Amharic LIP immediately from MS download at…/details.aspx. The file size is around 4-5MB.

  2. Dellu says:

    Wonderful Microsoft

    How can I get the pack?  I have genuine windows and want to install the Amharic LIP.

  3. Peter says:

    You can get the LIP from th Microsoft download site. Just copy the link into your browser. the download is very small (4 to 5MB) –…/details.aspx

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