Recognizing Microsoft Visionary Teams on World IP Day

Posted by Bart Eppenauer & Jason Albert
Chief Patent Counsel & Associate General Counsel for IP Policy & Strategy, Microsoft

Today is World IP Day, a day to celebrate how intellectual property fosters and encourages innovation and creativity. In honor of this day and the 2012 theme of recognizing “Visionary Inventors,” we would like to thank all the contributors to the company’s world-class Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio.

At Microsoft, we view IP as the currency of innovation. We believe the respectful exchange of intellectual property makes it possible to keep pace with customer demand and bring new products and features to market quickly. Our patenting efforts continue to map to our global innovation philosophy, which is driven by a strong commitment to our business and technological priorities.

Today, Microsoft has one of the most robust and high-quality patent portfolios in the world. As of February of this year, Microsoft had more than 70,000 issued or pending patents worldwide. Microsoft continues to collaborate with companies of all sizes around the world via IP licensing, to enable them to access to the innovation taking place at Microsoft. Since Microsoft launched its IP licensing program in December 2003, the company has entered into more than 1,100 licensing agreements.

On this day we would like to highlight a few products developed by visionary teams across Microsoft that have made a significant impact on consumers and businesses alike.

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