Microsoft’s New Patent Agreement with Compal: A New Milestone for Our Android Licensing Program

Posted by Brad Smith and Horacio Gutierrez
Executive Vice President and General Counsel & Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

Today, Microsoft announced its tenth license agreement providing coverage under our patent portfolio for Android mobile phones and tablets. Today's agreement is with Compal, one of the world’s largest Original Design Manufacturers, or ODMs. Compal is based in Taiwan, where it produces smartphones and tablet computers for third parties, and has revenue of roughly $28 billion per year.

Today’s announcement marks Microsoft's ninth Android agreement in the last four months. More important, today’s announcement means that companies accounting for more than half of all Android devices have now entered into patent license agreements with Microsoft.

Amidst continuing clamor about uncertainty and litigation relating to smartphone patents, we're putting in place a series of agreements that are reasonable and fair to both sides. Our agreements ensure respect and reasonable compensation for Microsoft's inventions and patent portfolio. Equally important, they enable licensees to make use of our patented innovations on a long-term and stable basis.

You can see this licensing progress in the chart above, showing recent lawsuits and licenses. While lawsuits may dominate many of the headlines, these are being overtaken by the number of license agreements being signed. At this point, the fast pace of licensing is reshaping the legal landscape for smartphone patents.

At Microsoft, we're building on our extensive experience with patent licensing. Over the past decade we’ve spent roughly $4.5 billion to license in patents from other companies. These have given us the opportunity to build on the innovations of others in a responsible manner that respects their IP rights. Equally important, we've stood by our customers and partners with countless agreements that contain the strongest patent indemnification provisions in our industry. These ensure that if our software infringes someone else's patents, we'll address the problem rather than leave it to others. And as reported in this morning's Seattle Times, we've now entered into 1,133 agreements over the last decade to license our patents to other companies that share our desire to respect IP rights.

Our recent Android licensing progress is illustrated in the two graphs below. The first shows the license agreements now in place with ODMs such as Compal. These companies play an important role in the smartphone and tablet markets by designing and manufacturing devices for other companies.

The licensing progress with ODMs has been matched by similar momentum with Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs, who produce Android devices under their own brands. Following our agreement earlier this month with Samsung, Microsoft now has license agreements in place with OEMs that account for 53 percent of all Android smartphones in the United States.

For those who continue to protest that the smartphone patent thicket is too difficult to navigate, it's past time to wake up. As Microsoft has entered new markets from the enterprise to the Xbox, we’ve put together comprehensive licensing programs that address not only our own needs but the needs of our customers and partners as well. As our recent agreements clearly show, Android handset manufacturers are now doing the same thing. Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone.

Comments (111)
  1. Thom Holwerda says:

    So, how does it feel to be a patent troll, Microsoft?

    I'm not sure if this is a step up from the anticompetitive practices from the '90s, or a step down. Care to elaborate?

  2. Laurent Raufaste says:

    I hope your patents will be worth nothing in the near future, really…

  3. Robert says:

    Only Microsoft would brag about being a patent troll. Is it any wonder why people hate you?

  4. Concerned says:

    Software patents should be abolished.

    It's too sad that I was preparing to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus but now that M$ will tax it I will have to look for other brave manufacturer who will not fall under this scam.

  5. onyx says:

    Don't innovate; license someone else's work to a 3rd party! Great for shareholders! You don't even need to work! Just sit back and watch the $$$ rolling in!

    "Ultimately, that's a good path for NO ONE!" there, fixed that typo for you.

  6. alex says:

    This is truly innovative on the legal stage. I mean, forcing US patents on companies that are not based in US not do they manufacture anything in US.

    "Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone."

    Does Taiwan or China hold US patents as valid? Sorry, that is just exporting US law into other countries and using access to US market as a licensing condition.

    I mean, feel free to set a license cost of $100 for each device sold in US, but why do people that live in countries without US patent system have to contribute?

  7. JD says:

    You guys would rather bash Microsoft who is letting the manufactures live and provide devices for all of you, rather than bash Apple who is trying to STOP any form of competition through legal action via patent infringement? ie Samsung. As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft is handling this better than you guys are claiming. Apparently, no matter what Microsoft does you guys will never be happy.

  8. Joe says:

    “If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today’s ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today… “some large company will patent some obvious thing” and use the patent to “take as much of our profits as they want.” – Bill Gates

    You are one step below douche bag apple. Rot in hell.

  9. Andy says:

    My hate for Microsoft just sank to a new depth.

  10. Microsoft sucks says:

    SO what gives Microshaft the right to make other company's pay them money to make there own products. My company is coming out with our own smart phones and tablets at the end of next year and we ant paying Microshaft anything.

  11. fossby says:

    Trolls pure and simple.

    While you brutishly threaten others, the FOSS world is leaving you behind and making sure your work becomes even more irrelevant.  l8r………..

  12. nps says:

    Why is my paid technet subscription paying for such crap to be posted.  How is this a relevant post to technet subscribers.  Is this now us subs paying for the lawyers to post? About to cancel my sub.

  13. Bram says:

    Software is algorithms.

    Algorithms is math.

    Math is not invented, math is discovered.

    You cannot patent math.

    You cannot patent algorithms.

    You cannot patent software.

    The E.U. knows this.


  14. HelloPatentTrolls says:

    The name says it all. No explanation necessary.

  15. Jeff25 says:

    Most of you commenters are clueless. If intellectual property cannot be protected, there is no incentive to develop. Anyone can just sit on the sidelines, let someone else do the hard work, then copy it and reap the benefits.

    Without patents, there would be no software industry. Even Google has patents, just not many in the mobile arena, and it appears there they copied a lot of existing ideas from the patent database.

  16. Dorin Lazăr says:

    @Jeff: Without patents there would be plenty of incentive to innovate: it's called 'consumer satisfaction' and it would be the reason why people would buy your product in the first place.

    @Microsoft guys: This is why people in the first world countries still pirate your products. Because you are unfair, and they already pay you for products you didn't create.

    Uh, and btw: sue Apple if you have the balls. 🙂

  17. Ken K says:

    So basically, Microsoft is the world's largest patent troll, and darn proud of it?

    Microsoft's executive should be doing hard labor.

  18. Mark says:

    Christ you guys are scum.

    But I suspect hearing that just gets you off even more…

  19. alex says:

    Dear Microsoft:

    This is truly despicable you are doing this Microsoft! you are stopping innovation and sueing anyone who dare to be competition.

    Did Xerox and Apple sue you (or threaten) you over the GUI? No not successfully. Imagine if everyone threatened other company's with non legit and stupid lawsuits!? There would be no innovation or imagination.

    You have no right to Android or Linux patents. Linux is software developed by thousands of people around the world in there free time (And some payed workers) They simply wrote code that makes an operating system. You have no right to this code or what it does.

    Where do you get off thinking you own what software does? or how it does it? Do you think the auto industry patented automatic transmissions or wind shield wipers? No Absolutley Not.

    You ARE NOT the only company in the world and you NEED TO STEP DOWN from this ANTI-TRUST , Anti-Competative Patent troll behavior. OR A group of angry users and companies will probably rally against you with the lawsuit of the century.

    So keep in mind the legal repercussions of the arrogant insidious behavior.

    Good day and please stop bullying companies into giving you money for things you don't own.

    Improve the junk you do own like Windows Phone 7 because that is greatly selling isn't it? 🙂

    Perhaps you should consider the fallowing adverting campaign "Windows Phone 7! Half the apps of Android at x10 the price!" or perhaps "No native full-fleged Facebook app! talk to no one!" Or maybe even "We Steal more money from Android then we get from Windows Phone 7"

    Either way, we have had enough. Please Disclose the patents to the public

    And Stop Sueing for things you don't own. I'm Advocating we ask Microsoft (Nicely) to stop and disclose these patents and well as stop sueing or be sued (By companies they have wronged).

    Nothing more Thanks for your time.

    Thank You.

  20. alex says:

    @Jeff , No sorry, YOU are the "clueless" one. Microsoft makes plenty of money and no one is stealing there intellectual property. All this is over patents that have not been disclosed or even verified of infringement by a legal entity. (EG ruled to be infringed upon) All we have it a huge company suing the little guy because they are mad he exists and is doing better then them. sorry not cool. I like Microsoft sometimes but I wish they would stop this.

  21. Joe says:

    @Jeff, hi, feel free to read the Constitution where patents were created to advance the arts and sciences by disclosing inventions in exchange for temporary protection, not to protect mythical "IP".

    Of course feel free to ignore Bill Gates own warning about patents. The hypocrisy reeks worse than apple in this case.

  22. samuel verstraete says:

    You're sad and pathetic… If this is the way you innovate you'll soon be a fossil.

  23. Wishing a new record in comment count? says:

    You can also try celebrating nazi death camps or gulags, they were also "milestones" in their respective programs.

    Really think about the ethics… It will save you from some shame later on.

  24. Programmer says:

    Microsoft admitting: sorry consumers you shouldt have that much choice. we will do evil…

  25. Przemysław Lib says:

    Can you point us to just ONE patent which was used to create software?

    Or is it just cash that is gathered after someone created software WITHOUT your precious patents?

    PS I do not know a single programmer who was thought how to program based on patent. Ergo patents are irrelevant to programming.

  26. Dave says:

    You know, once a year or so MSFT comes out talking about how they love developers, technology and innovation.  You say you want to play nice with everyone, contribute and stop being the most hated company in tech.  You even donate a few lines of source… usually with questionable intent.

    Then you sick the lawyers on everyone and break out the champagne over your downright evil and extensive patent licensing schemes.  And again, we all remember why we HATE you.  Well good for you.  Just remember, all the people that matter in making technology decisions are redoubling their efforts towards making you irrelevant.

  27. Steve says:

    If any of you clowns had ever created anything by the sweat of your brow that you felt was worth protecting, you wouldn't be so quick to jump on Microsoft.  Many of you are more than likely products of the internet generation, like Sergey and Larry – people who feel that they should have the right to usurp anything without paying for it.  This is the reason so many internet start-ups are still sitting around with their thumbs up their butts trying to figure out a way to monetize their idea – because it didn't start out as a money-making idea to begin with.  Some folks, on the other hand would like to be rewarded for their hard work, not stand idly by while theives like Andy Rubin rip them off.  So before you condemn Microsoft, imagine how you'd feel watching someone else traipse off with months or years of your hard work.

  28. Lai says:

    Hey google, there is a karma to stealing apple's design. next time you want to copycat product, think ten times! watch your back on others.

    Microsoft's act is legally right, they did the right thing! to fight pirates like google.

  29. Ray Avila says:

    Google did not innovate anything with android. they copy apple. and for those of you wondering why microsoft is not suing apple, that's because microsoft can't sue apple.

    apple is a wonderful innovator without stealing other's properties, so there is nothing for microsoft to sue. fair enuf? Google is a robber of a handful of IPs, they are the king of the thieves in this industry. And it makes much sense if microsoft, and apple, are taking actions to right the wrong.

    So for those of you morons cursing microsoft, you may be thieves just like google. Google innovate nothing, but stealing!

  30. Microsoft:the new patent troll says:

    "As Microsoft has entered new markets from the enterprise to the Xbox, we’ve put together comprehensive licensing programs that address not only our own needs but the needs of our customers and partners as well. "

    Tell me what need of mine are you servicing?  You're using patents that have no relevance other than a tenuous connection to outdated techniques and obvious processes (yes we all read the B&N report) in order to stifle competition.  By screwing over the manufacturer, you are in effect screwing me over too; since those costs are passed onto me.  Therefore, I am paying for your inability to create a product that can rightfully compete in the market space you've chosen.  

    "Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone"

    Sorry? Patent trolling someone who innovated where you stole, lied, and cheated (yes we all know about that phone company you screwed over) is NOT a goodjavascript:WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("ctl00$content$ctl00$w_32072$_d31ced$ctl00$ctl00$ctl00$ctl05$bpCommentForm$ctl05$btnSubmit", "", true, "BlogPostCommentForm-ctl00_content_ctl00_w_32072__d31ced_ctl00_ctl00", "", false, true)) thing.

  31. Microsoft:the new patent troll take two says:

    Lets see a few of those patents.

    1) implementing both long and short file names in the same file system;

    2) a monitoring system that determines when to erase memory from flash memory devices;

    3) patents related to managing contact databases and meeting requests

    So we have FAT16 (not used in Android, but hey you got through the loophole), something like a disk monitor (obvious – how else do you erase data?). and contact databases and meetings (gee let me think – a dry board and eraser with pens?).  I see nothing victorious here; all I see is a typical troll trolling it's way through the market.  The real pity here is that you're not trolling to make money without product, you're trolling to control the competition: and that's illegal.  The bigger pity is you've bought so many senators and government officials it's unlikely to ever be a problem: and if it becomes a problem, you've enough money to wear the DoJ down just like you did before.

    It is reasons like this that you are the most reviled company in existence today, reviled just a little less than Hitler in fact.  At least Hitler was original and was thinking about his country when he went all rabid: you're just like a dog that needs shooting but has bulletproof fur.

  32. jv says:

    It's such racketeering 21th century form.

    Microsoft and Apple are looks like two crime families.

  33. HiTroll says:

    How much you making on Windows Phone? Aye? Way to Innovate baby!

  34. StupidTroll says:

    How much are you paying Apple for stealing idea from them? There is balls and then there is simply stupidity. Get a clue troll.

  35. MB says:

    The only compliment I can pay you is that you clearly have a serious pair to talk about this like you're the good guys. Get off your asses and create something you deserve to be paid for instead of stealing from people who owe you jack-squat.

  36. Venotar says:

    There's a way forward for everyone with a deep slush fund – of cash, Letters of Marque and Reprisal  — I'm sorry, I meant "patents" — or some combination of the two.

    For the lone innovator in a basement somewhere, there's only the prospect of being squashed like a bug.  

    Admirable work you do.

  37. CLuELeSS says:

    omg, so many of you have no idea what are you defending!

    you all are saying it is OK for google to make billions by using someone elses property!?

    MS did invent something, and that is what google is using… Apple did invent something and again that is what google is using…

    stealing and making money off of it 101!!

  38. Dmitry says:

    Used to use MS Mobile 6.5 phone. Not anymore. Never going to buy MS phone.

  39. MS Fanboy :( says:

    I have been a MS fanboy for years I have fought so many wars against apple plastic heads and Linux code monkeys but there comes a time when you really have to think that whether this make sense or not… Unfortunately this time it doesn't

    Nexus prime here I come

  40. tom says:

    Wow. Way to be a bully and brag about it. I would never try to make money from other people's work. I would always innovate and try to beat them at their own game… Hmm.. Maybe that's why I'm not a suited-up exec.

  41. Zgembo says:

    Why bother making good software, it is far easier to just sit there and use your size to troll everybody around. I don't mind that M$ ceased to produce any significant innovation for far too long, but for what s*t's sake suffocating other good ideas out there? Just bug off and do something useful.

  42. Ranoccio says:


    you are an ignorant fool. Copyright more than sufficiently protects the investment companies make in software. Software patents are not needed and just a device lobbies by big companies to keep their monopolies.

  43. Software patents hinder progress says:

    They are a disgrace to our industry and should be stopped NOW!

  44. rest of the world says:

    The rest of the world are happy without software patents…

  45. Tridus says:

    Those who can, do. Those who can't, get patents.

    Shame that Microsoft can't compete in the phone market on the basis of making phones, so they have to sink to patent troll level. Sad for a once respectable company.

  46. anony.muos says:

    You know, you have a nice and shiny new Smartphone there. Would be a pity if something would happen to it. You should better get some "insurance" for it, you know. Because, you know:

    Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone.

  47. Chris says:

    So basically, anyone wanting to get into the smartphone business has to pay Microsoft, the software Mafia, protection fees for their "innovations". (Innovations that Microsoft has probably either bought, copied, or would be invalidated if they ever went to court…)

  48. Occupy Redmond says:

    This is why many of of actively work against Microsoft.  You are like the banks that are to big to fail, but you will fail.

  49. John says:

    I don't belive Microsoft Openess Strategy. It is a lie. MICROSOFT !!! Stop suing Android !!!!! You didn't code anything of Linux.!!!! You are the first innovation stopper !!!!

  50. Thom Holwerda says:

    This is a much better direction than Apple which is outright wasting money on Lawyers and stopping competitive products.

    Microsoft is letting other people build on their innovations and compete fair and sqaure with their own products. They pay patent license fees to other companies as well.

    Eventually this is no different than GPL. In GPL, one person creates something and others can use it if they reciprocate.

    Similarly, Microsoft is innovating and creating its products. Other companies can use those ideas to build competing products as long as they pay Microsoft for their work.

    A much better strategy than Apple who wants to kill competition.

  51. Goruka says:


    Although it would make RMS happy, the GPL is not forced upon you for every program you write.

  52. Simon says:

    Your final words are "Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone."  But in the whole article you fail to explain why this is the case.  I see that the ideas behind some patents took a lot of effort to produce, but many software and hardware patents today are no-brainers that take little effort to develop.

    It's as if the US went to the Moon, stuck down their flag – which they did – but then claimed that the Moon was theirs.

    In the fast pace world of software, I don't see how patents are beneficial to anyone unless you hold them yourself.

  53. didi says:

    if the agreements are "reasonable and fair", why is microsoft so secretive about them?

    let us see the details and reach that conclusion for ourselves. ow, you won't? what a surprise!

    ….. patent bully

  54. MPTS says:

    Microsoft has announced the shutdown of its Windows Phone platform, amid weak sales. This is the second product after KIM to be discontinued by Microsoft.

    “WE ARE NOT QUTTING THE MOBILE BUSINESS!” yelled Steve Ballmer at a journalist during a press conference. “We are launching a new product along with Nokia to strengthen our position in the mobile segment. We are launching Microsoft Patent Troll Suite.”

    “I never understood Google's OS strategy,” Ballmer laughed. “They are so confused. What's the point of Google ChromeOS when you have Android? They just don't know the game.” They have been investing so much in their Android and don't even make a dime from it. That's not how businesses work. You have to answer to your investor. Those are the ones who take care of your company and not developers or users.”

    “While Google is wasting money on developing Android, we are monetizing on it. We make $5 every time an Android phone is sold. We are going after all Android companies, we have the legal force and money to scare the *** out of them. Imagine every Android company paying us $5 per unit! We can't even charge that much from a Windows Phone license,” said Ballmer.

    “Today we are launching this Microsoft Patent Troll Suite 1.0 (MPTS) and it is available to all Microsoft partners. The suite allows you to sniff all Android players and then work with our legal team to go after such companies,”

    “We expect to make around $2 billion in revenues this year from Android alone,” concluded Ballmer.

    Mr. Elop was appointed the head of MPTS.

  55. Shmerl says:

    Patent racket or any racket for that matter is not something to be proud of and to boast with it as an achievement. That unless you are just some common thugs or mafia. Shame on you Microsoft.

  56. Thom Holwerda says:


    You don't have to license patents from Microsoft if you remove the related features from your version of Android. Similarly, you can defend against Apple by removing the features that Apple has patented. At the end, Microsoft approach is still much better as it allows competition to exist as long as they get paid for their work.


    Your points, even though may be valid, are orthogonal to this discussion. We can debate whether software patents are valid or not and their usefulness for future. At present, the patents exist and a licensing is much better way to move forward as it does not stop innovation.

    Also can you imagine a word without software patents? Any good idea from small company would be stolen by big companies and there would be no way for small companies to mushroom.

    Instead of thinking about removing the patents altogether, we need to raise the bar higher and not allow trivial patents. We should also not allow patenting of concepts or business model etc unless they are put in practice. I think the latter would be sufficient to put patent trolls to RIP.

  57. Ignorance buster says:

    What a bunch of ignorant buffoons!! It is amazing how people can feed on their own ignorance. Some call them shady or bogus patents because that is a convenient way of covering your ignorance.

    Companies like MSFT, APPL, GOOG et al spend billions of dollars every year in R&D (MSFT is one of the highest spenders on R&D nearing about $10 bil/year) and these patents are a result of that R&D. No one stumbled upon these technologies and patented them. They are a result of someone’s hard work and you cannot have someone else simply copying and using these technologies. That is akin to stealing. MS has been successfully sued by numerous companies on patent infringement so why shouldn’t MS sue others for the same deed (or misdeed) Wonder why all these ignorant patent defenders were not rooting for MS at the time. MS only has to point towards the evidence that was used against them, but this time, it will be for them. GOOG knows this and to save their backside from infringement, they shelled out $12.5 for Motorola Mobility. Samsung, HTC and others are not stupid to agree on licensing deals had they not realized that they are on the wrong side with GOOG sitting on the fence.

  58. Wynand Winterbach says:

    "Ultimately, that's a good path for everyone."

    Who are you speaking for? It's certainly not good for the customer.

  59. The Great One says:

    Appl are just as big scumbags — maybe even bigger ones!

  60. So... says:

    Are you going to tell the world which patents android infringes upon?  It's hard to view you as anything other than extortionists until you do so.

  61. Ted Appleby says:

    Ugh. Patent monopolies steal from us all. End the patent system now. Just end it.  It's a cancer eating western civilisation.…/againstfinal.htm

  62. Microsoft FTE says:

    I feel ashamed to be working for what has become a parasite of a company.

  63. Vlatko Primorac says:

    Great job! Freedom to innovate is important for all, keep up a good work. Patents are important part of the software industry, it would be wrong to let people write code as they please without honoring every single previous claim to originality.

    Alternatively, you could simply acknowledge the absurdity of any patent, since it is nothing but a claim that a human invention recognized by one authority could not or should not be made by any other individual on the planet. Such system is idiotic, harmful to economy and worst of all it stands in the way of freedom of thought, pursuit for better world, thinking itself.

    Think about it. If a man invents a noodle, should the rest of us eat the soup without it, or anything else that looks like a noodle? What if a woman invents a wheel? Or finds one by a stoke of luck and realizes its potential? Your own company has much more to lose from the patent system than to gain from it, just as any calamity bring only destruction in the end. Did someone patent selling software in a box? No? Did you check? How about a box with rounded edges?

    As soon as you abandon this frivolous pursuit of a small financial gain, you can focus your efforts on making better software in your own company. Remember the days when new windows brought new, exciting features to desktops around the world? Not just a meaningless change in user interface that nobody wants? You could build on top of GNU software instead of fighting battler that bring only mutual harm.

    "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Better yet, cooperate, innovate, find a better way, it will make you happier too.

  64. Tim says:

    To all who are mentioning Apple (or anyone else in their posts):

    Apple may be worse, better or the same as Microsoft in terms of evilness – but that's not the point here is it? They're both horrible companies that use patents to stifle innovation and feed off the profits and the innovations of others.

  65. Google FTE says:

    I feel ashamed to work for a company that first infringes on patents of others and than washes its hands off instead of protecting its OEM.

    Google should work directly with Microsoft to resolve this. They should also work with Apple to protect Samsung.

  66. Megatron says:

    Can't stand seeing Android take over, Can you? Shame on you MS. You must probably be earning more form Android than you your own OS.

  67. PhoneBiz says:

    It is sad that most of the posters can't read or filter out what they don't like.  I see above that MS has paid 4.5 Billion dollars in patent licensing fees to other companies.  MS is likely to make a few hundred million from these patents.  Shouldn't any outrage be directed the other way?  The patent system for S/W was not invented by MS, they just play by the rules.  Take out your anger at the world's governments that write and enforce these laws.

    Some other commenters are correct that MS is at least "nice" enough to licence their IP at a reasonable rate versus other companies that try to shut down competitors completely instead of licensing.  Does a $5 charge on an Android phone kill the market for it?

    Since most companies are paying, they have determined that they are not likely to win in court and they have deeply investigated the patent claims.  Motorola and others have decided to fight the claim in court as is their right.  Let it play out and we will see if MS claims are valid.

    Too many people make up their minds on issues based on who is involved and not on the merits of the debate.  Corporate predjudice is at it's heart no different from racial predjudice.  Facts don't matter, only blind assumptions.  Note the comparisons to Hitler, talk about hate, etc.  Next they will be putting white sheets on and burning code on the lawn of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, etc.  Pick your own bigot target.

    Think hard, try to be rational.

  68. Android user says:

    When Apple talks about innovation, they talk about Apple products.

    When Google talks about innovation, they talk about Google products.

    When Microsoft talks about innovation, they talk about Google and Apple products.

    Good job, losers.

  69. Matt says:

    Hey people, stop buying products with the Microsoft tax on Linux and Android, I like the Nexus Prime but now I'll buy a Motorola with Android just to not pay this criminal tax.

  70. snemarch says:

    Distasteful to see you thump your chest that way, while stifling competition together with crApple and whOracle. Come on, guys – innovate! Earn your money by doing something honest, show you can be better than the two previously mentioned dungpiles of companies.

  71. Howdy says:

    MS is not in the wrong here. Google has left its OEM and ODM partners in lurch by giving them a stolen OS

  72. a smith says:

    Making money from other peoples work, nothing new there then microshaft.

  73. Awkward says:

    @Microsoft you shouldn't be proud of that, companies are paying to you and keep using Android instead of using Windows Mobile 😀

  74. kai says:

    Because of your unfair politics I would never ever buy an Windows Mobile Smartphone.

    Nobody buys Windows Mobile so you play the unfair game! That's nothing you guys should be proud of!

    Do you want to destroy yourself? I would try keeping such a fact out of public!

  75. phb says:

    Well done MS. Your legal dept. is clearly incentivized to be a patent troll. Your legal dept. is not incentivized to behave in a way that keeps MS in existence. So its happy to happy to act in a way that destroys the work of the rest of MS, and damn the consequences. The legal dept. thinks its the cat that got the cream. Meanwhile, bye bye MS.

  76. james says:

    In the past, I always felt Microsoft was a victom of patent trolls. Now Microsoft has become one of them. I feel no sympathy for Microsoft, and like to watch other patent trolls attack Microsoft.

  77. mike says:

    I just don't like it.

  78. Saso says:

    I am NEVER EVER EVER buying ANYTHING from MS again.

  79. Maddy says:

    So accoding to most commentators:

    1. It is OK for Microsoft to _pay_ 4.5 billion$ in patent licenses to _other_ companies but it is _not_ ok for Microsoft to require Android OEM to license their patents.

    2. It is ok for companies like Apple to sue competitive products instead of licensing their patents at reasonable fee.

    Flawless Logic!

    I guess that is why these commentators are called fanbois 🙂

    I see no wrong in what Microsoft is doing, they are just playing ball and I doubt they recover 4.5 billion that they pay either.

    Please criticize the absurd patent system and not the companies that have to follow that.

  80. #Tim says:

    Companies like MSFT, APPL, GOOG et al spend billions of dollars every year in R&D (MSFT is one of the highest spenders on R&D nearing about $10 bil/year) No one stumbled upon these technologies and patented them. They are a result of someone’s hard work and you cannot have someone else simply copying and using these technologies. That is akin to stealing. MS has been successfully sued by numerous companies on patent infringement so why shouldn’t MS sue others for the same deed (or misdeed). MS only has to point towards the evidence that was used against them, but this time, it will be for them. GOOG knows this and to save their backside from infringement, they shelled out $12.5 for Motorola Mobility. Samsung, HTC and others are not stupid to agree on licensing deals had they not realized that they are on the wrong side with GOOG sitting on the fence.

  81. Joe says:

    @Tim, so you couldn't find the answer in your own post? Ever heard of zero sum or MAD when it comes to patents? You know that the guy with MPEG4LA is suing both apple and MS for stupid obvious patents regarding phone dialing?

    Has Google's been suing apple and MS preemptively for patents, or did they just leave MS to dry in the search market by making a better product? While MS was starting to eliminate free hotmail access and storage Gmail comes around and magically both yahoo and MS have GB storage.

  82. nord says:

    I wish you very bad luck Microsoft. You are a break for development and freedom for users. I hope you get cancer and die

    bad luck,


  83. N says:

    Haha rather than focusing on making a decent mobile OS, MS decides to take the lazy way out.

    Its sad to see a company founded by a true visionary Mr. Bill Gates, would choose such petty tactics

  84. Andrew S says:

    The concept of licensing IP is well founded in the current law, with a looong history.  How is this something new and unusual?  MS is willing to work with manufacturers to license and build their products using technology developed by MS.  I prefer this tactic to another famous tech company that instead goes for across the board injunctions, stopping innovation.  

    As for people posting they hate MS, well, it's your life, but don't you have better things to do than to spend your time posting hate messages on the internet?

  85. Trizt says:

    Companies who uses Linux based operating systems should not pay to microsoft to use those operating systems as microsoft has failed to give any proof that Linux would be using microsoft technology/code.

    It's time for microsoft to pay back all those money to the FOSS community, so we will see real innovation in the software industry.

  86. Liam says:

    Two points on the license/litigation graphic:

    First, Motorola Mobility is now Google, and the reporting indicates patent portfolio was a key decider in Google's transaction, so it is very pertinent.

    Second, perhaps a more uniform arrow distribution so that bias (like spacing reds out to make litigation look less threatening) and scaling of the arrows to indicate market share. Microsoft licensing to Samsung and HTC (the top two Android OEMs) would clearly show the opposing position Apple have taken.

  87. honestly says:

    Wtg Microsoft.  I cheer for you.  You are making thieving ppls pay for using ur technology/ingenuity.  You don't block creativity, you invite those that stole from you to share in the profits.  Always a fan!  Honestly

  88. IP protection says:

    Software patents have been perverted to keep competition out and reduce market dynamics through vendor lock-in. They do not protect the small startup anymore that have to consider all the possible patents or be sued to bankruptcy, but only the multi-national corporations with their huge portfolios.

  89. Open Sourcerer says:

    When you can't innovate, litigate! It's the American Way!

  90. Let's cut off Microsoft's assets says:

    By ditching the SD card and the FAT patents that come with it. Come on Google, if Apple can do 64GB phones so can you! Or have Apple painted 64GB storage now too?

    It's this kind of thing that makes me buy/advise people to laptops OSless and put Linux on them.

    We're watching you and your UEFI scheming Microsoft…

  91. Dag Wieers says:

    What a shame. Microsoft lost its power to innovate and now starts to litigate instead. Bill Gates would not approve of this in 1980, but apparently money (and the lack thereof) changes everything…

  92. Android User says:

    You know a company has nothing left to offer when it starts chasing worthless software "patents" and trumpets about it.

    Disgraceful and absolutely typical Microsoft aggression, and it has nothing whatever to do with innovation – it's all about making a fast buck off the ideas of others and controlling competition.

  93. Tim says:

    @Andriod User: "….it's all about making a fast buck off the ideas of others and controlling competition" WOW!! This is exactly what Google is doing.

  94. Carlos Santos says:

    Interesting that waking up thing, I mean since you're out of the market share over the smartphones.

    It's rather strange though that in you ligation graphics you don't have anything against Google, the actual developer of Android.

    I'm guessing you're so hungry that you thing you might be happy with small fish like manufacturers, maybe when Google address this actions properly, it'll backfire at you again…better keep the money in the bank, Manufacturers may require refunds, from you.

  95. sam says:

    So Windows Phone sucks so hard that you have to use other systems to get income? Well done…

  96. Wyler Chesterfield says:

    …Like the smirk on a rotten little snots face when after throwing a tantrum finally gets his way.

  97. anonymous says:


  98. Wolverine says:

    Over the past 10 years Micro-Soft has spent 4.5billion?? I though those are the billions which they teamed up with Apple and Oracle to buy the NOVELL patents in the past 10months.  This should mean that the $5 they are getting from Android sales (which was supposed to be free) is shared among the group, right?

  99. j says:

    Boycott M$!

  100. Greg Strockbine says:

    Shame on you Microsoft.

    You proved Steve Jobs was right when he said Microsoft never created anything, only stole from others.

  101. Greg Strockbine says:

    How in the world can you license something you didn't create or own?

  102. Ben says:

    Wow, you're actually proud of this, aren't you?  Too bad you can't compete by actually making a better product.

  103. John W says:

    The wording is so pleasant, but the fact remains that patent law awards microsoft for others work, even its blatantly obvious. Storing a meeting status on a mobile device? Really?  How is this some reward for value?  Its an innovation tax to the undeserving.  I respected the ascent of Microsoft, with a desktop OS, where there was none, but of late, the perception of them as a source of good value is gone. NIce job, now free us of your binds.

  104. Simon says:

    Thank you for reminding me again why I'm not buying any Microsoft products.

  105. Brian says:

    I agree with most people calling you patent trolls.  

  106. Klippenstein says:

    Thanks Microsoft for also allowing some people here to "sound off" like a bunch of reasonless fanboys.  Too bad we all have to sift through so much nonsense to get at some really useful comments.

  107. SaD says:

    And yet you refuse to pay Motorola for their IP….

  108. Anonymous says:

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  109. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from Microsoft guadagna da ogni Android venduto: ecco il perch??

  110. Anonymous says:

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  111. Anonymous says:

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