Data Liberation is Great – Let’s Talk About What’s Next

Posted by Peter Neupert
Corporate Vice President, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft

Today, I had the honor of participating in a Consumer Health IT Summit at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. It was great to see health IT stakeholders coming together to help drive the industry toward a more patient-centric health system, and I applaud the leadership at HHS and Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology – particularly folks like Aneesh Chopra, Todd Park and Farzad Mostashari – for drawing attention to the need for patient engagement and ‘data liberation.’

At the event, HHS announced that they are releasing a PHR Model Privacy Notice for PHR vendors – or personal health platforms like HealthVault – to use to communicate to consumers their data sharing and security policies. We intend to post our PHR Notice on as soon as the HHS Web tool goes live later this week. We have been very focused on transparency and making it easy to understand how we approach privacy and security since we started working on HealthVault – because we know that transparency is required to enable trust. This notice offers another way to communicate our privacy and security practices, so we will use it and encourage our partners who build HealthVault apps to use it also.

To see the rest of this story, read today’s post on the Neupert on Health Blog.

Comments (1)

  1. John says:

    Microsoft is not helping the users to liberate their data.

    Look at Windows Journal Viewer. There is no way to convert your (many) Windows Journal Files into an open data format like svg or pdf!

    This is so sad!!!

    I even wrote to microsoft but they did not respond. It seem s as if this was their tactics to bind the user to Microsoft 🙁

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