Washington Roundtable Launches Benchmarks for a Better Washington

Posted by Brad Smith
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Microsoft

Our state continues to face significant economic pressures, and even as the recession recedes, Washington’s employers and families still must confront increasingly intense global competition.

Microsoft has grown up here – Washington state is our home, and we want to see the state continue to be successful. It’s clear that Washington needs a balanced strategy, with measurable goals, to ensure citizens benefit from both solid economic opportunities and a great quality of life.

To that end, I’ve worked with other members of the Washington Roundtable to develop the Benchmarks for a Better Washington campaign. These benchmarks track the state’s economic and community vitality annually across 12 key categories, providing clear, independent, state-by-state measurements of where we are and where we need to go.

The idea behind Benchmarks for a Better Washington is ensuring the state competes on both value and cost. We want to provide a quality education for all of our young people; an infrastructure that is safe, reliable and efficient; and a climate of innovation that attracts investment and encourages job creation.

Read more about the campaign goals and priorities here and here: www.waroundtable.com/benchmarks.


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