FBI and DOJ take on the Coreflood botnet

Posted by Richard Boscovich
Senior Attorney, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

Today, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice announced a legal and technical operation to take down the Coreflood botnet, using a civil suit for a temporary restraining order against the operators of the botnet and criminal seizure warrants in order to disable the botnet’s infrastructure.

We commend the FBI and DOJ for the action against Coreflood . There is clearly strong public and private momentum in the fight against botnets and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit was happy to provide technical information from the lessons we learned from the recent Rustock and Waledac botnet takedowns to assist these agencies in their operation. 

In addition, in coordination with the FBI, the Microsoft Malware Protection Center has added Win32/Afcore (Coreflood) malware detection in our Malicious Software Removal Tool to help minimize the malware’s future impact. Please see the MMPC blog for more technical information about the Win32/Afcore malware.

Stemming from previous botnet takedown operations, Microsoft has also created a dedicated website to provide free information and tools to help people get rid of botnet malware in order to regain control of their computers.

We also encourage all computer users to exercise safe practices to protect their computers from becoming infected with malware, such as running genuine and up-to-date software. For Windows users, this means also ensuring Windows Update is turned on to automatically update your Windows software, firewall protection and anti-virus and anti-malware protection.


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  1. Darwin Larrison says:

    I think it is awesome that MS is doing this.  I notice that MS does not seem to get a lot of press related to this – or it's role seems minimalized.   I think this effort and the successful MS DCU efforts against the spammers was really awesome also.  There should have been a collective cheer when those major ops went down and the amount of spam traveling throughout the WWW went down, at least for a while.  It is big step in the right direction.  BTW, is Google doing this?  Apple?

  2. André Henrique Buss says:

    Nice Job Microsoft o/

  3. Tom Hanlon says:

    I get almost 20 span emails per day that i send to sweep. But they all seem to come back to me the next day or so.  Hotmail needs to address this issue or let the recepient know what is going on.

  4. Donald W Sowarby says:

    I applaud your efforts, they have made a noticeable improvement on the botnet problem.

  5. Janet W says:

    I agree with Tom Hanlon.  I'm getting more spam than ever. Today there were 117 spam messages delivered to my junk folder just over the weekend!  And many are from the same sites I blocked/deleted days ago.  Hooray you're keeping junk out of our junk folders – NOT!

  6. Amer H says:

    Apple, really?

    They won't do anything like this unless they figure out a way to profit from it.

  7. Owusu Ababio says:

     I trust it's a job well done 'cos I used to receive a lot of spam/junk  

     messages + account hijacks which have almost stopped these days.

     Bravo!more grease to your elbows all those involved in this crime

     battle, continue with your good works.  

  8. Dave riegel.Sr says:

    almost 20 span emails per day that i send to sweep. But they all seem to come back to me the next day or so.  Hotmail needs to address this issue or let the recipient know .100 spam email in three days

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