Now Complete: Some Work on the Blog Today

Update, 4:30 pm pdt: Our work is complete and the new blog designed has been launched. Thanks for your patience during the deployment.

We hope you like the new design and features. We tried to make the blog a bit fresher and better-organized to help you more easily find new or interesting posts on key topics.

A couple of new features we want to highlight:

New topic “channels”
You’ll see a new navigation bar at the top of each page, segmenting our content into three categories – community, marketplace and innovation. These are topics that we expect to be strong themes on the blog in the coming months and hope they also resonate with our readers.

Story “marquees” to surface new and noteworthy posts

- On the home page - a new scrolling story marquee control, where we’ll highlight some of the news and posts that we think are most interesting. Some may highlight recent news, others may surface a post from weeks ago that we still think important on key policy issues

- On our channel pages - In a similar vein you’ll see a scrolling marquee at the top of each channel page to bubble up interesting posts for each topic

- On our post pages - we’ve also added a smaller scrolling headline marquee at the top of each post to provide easy access to recent and noteworthy posts. These will map to the same stories featured on the blog’s home page, hopefully saving you some time if you’re interested in what else we’re discussing

Please let us know if you see anything amiss or have any questions or feedback. We'll be fine-tuning things in the next week and welcome any feedback our readers may have. 

- Jeff Meisner


A quick note to let readers know we're going to do some work on the blog this afternoon to give the blog a bit of a facelift. From 3 pm - 5 pm PDT today you might see some odd behavior on the blog.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope the disruption won't be much more than an hour. And we hope you'll like the new design and features we'll be launching later today.

When work is complete, we'll follow up with a short post to let you know the blog is up and running again, and give you a quick tour of the the new design and features.

Thanks for your patience,

Jeff Meisner
Microsoft On the Issues Editor

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  1. badtz8 says:

    Looks good except most links to pages on this blog are now broken…

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