Microsoft works with Demi and Ashton in new initiative to protect children

Posted by Pamela Passman
Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs

I am proud to work for a company like Microsoft that has a long-standing commitment to protecting children. I am especially pleased to be able to share that Microsoft is participating in a new collaborative effort with other technology companies, advocates and the Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA) to find new ways to put technology to work protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

Today, I joined Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the co-founders of the DNA Foundation, at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City to discuss this effort.  At the event, the DNA Foundation launched their “Real Men” campaign to raise awareness about the issues of child sex trafficking and exploitation. They also shared some information about the work Microsoft and others have been exploring with them in a task force to develop creative technological solutions to help address this horrible problem.

[Pamela Passman speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting]


Our work with the DNA Foundation is just one of the ways that Microsoft is already investing to help combat technology-facilitated crimes against children. For example, in December we donated Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help disrupt the spread of online child pornography. Working with NCMEC, we are now using PhotoDNA on Bing and Windows Live to help begin to stop the online redistribution of the worst known images of child rape and we are talking to other online service companies interested in joining us. Microsoft has also developed and invested in the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS), unique software that provides valuable information-sharing and collaboration tools for law enforcement in a number of countries around the world to assist in child exploitation investigations. We have also established the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, a team of lawyers, investigators, technical analysts and other specialists working in cooperation with our Trustworthy Computing and Global Corporate Affairs groups at Microsoft to combat digital crime, including crimes against children. We continue to invest in important programs like these on the cutting edge of online safety and cloud security, in partnership with child safety advocates, technology industry leaders, governments and law enforcement worldwide, to help make the Internet safer for everyone.

However, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. The number of children who are sexually exploited is staggering (see: and too often it’s an issue that’s kept out of the public spotlight because frankly it’s hard to talk about.  Thanks to the DNA Foundation, the abused and exploited children have a new powerful voice to speak for them and Microsoft is honored to be a part of it.

This is a very exciting partnership for Microsoft.  By teaming with Demi and Ashton, people with immense passion and commitment, we hope to take the fight against child exploitation to a new level. We believe there are real opportunities for technology to help confront this problem and Microsoft will continue to use its knowledge and expertise to work with organizations like the DNA Foundation, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and others to advance new innovation, ideas and strategies that can be effectively used to combat child sex crimes online.\

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so angry,  the reason is I started I started this fight several years ago when I wrote on yahoo a blog called  "HALOS BROKEN WINGS". . (By the way sorry Bungie and Microsoft it was not anything against you). I also wrote another Called "ONE WORLDS PRESERVATION" Which yahoo has taken control of, basically they took ownership and omitting me as an initiator.  

    Just is  like all of your service providers they have a right to take control of any of our accounts at any point they choose.  Its written in there installs where you read prior to the button when you click accept or decline,  you decline then you don’t get the service so we are forced to  agree to this regardless.  It was at the same time my original Hotmail account had been hacked or rather seized.

    It was a statement for asking for help developing safer internet and a safer world for our children. I stated in there the need to create software that would prevent child pornography.  

    But what you don’t realize is there are more ways of exploiting children our own Government does when they allow CPS to come in and take children from their parents and then they place them in group home where kids get beat up, molested and while in these home they psycho analyze them then label them with labels’ such as attachment disorder, ADHD then this is so they can build a case against parents.

    It really is just a system set up to segregate and all the while gain federal funding in support of their attempt at creating a conformed society.  This is biblical and you can find it Its where we are today and its time to ride the beast which is these types of agencies’ known as DSHS that label on our children and creates an estranged disposition in America today.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the protection of our children and if some looser is hurting a child he needs to be punished accordingly.  Nothing more then I hate is a victimizer, especially when it is our children.   Kids don’t have a choice nor do they have a say they only do as they are told so start giving your kids choices allow them and opinion and a right of say.  

    This in turn creates trust which also allows children to feel their need and value this ensure a stable relationship between parent and child and it insures that  they will talk and it generates a NOFEAR ACT, enabling them to make choices and have say enables them to talk instead of running away.  

    It will  make it so you don’t have to spy on your children.  Don’t you think it creates  a lack of trust and the need for Security.  IF they don’t feel security then they feel no worth.  SO STOP DEMORALIZING THEM BY NOT LETTING THEM HAVE SAY.

    After all,  they are all of our futures. They are tomorrows Hope.  There are so many things that need to be changed and it Begins at home and in OUR Government.

  2. Marcelino Madrigal says:

    I understand that you are not informed of the situation that exists in Windows Live Microsoft's social network. Here in Spain, Microsoft has had to sit down to explain the presence of sex offenders and pedophiles on its network, on its inhibition in the elimination of child pornography hosted on Windows Live. You know the answer from Microsoft? They have stated publicly that NO removed from their social network profiles that advocate of pedophilia. Microsoft is currently running profiles with explicit pornography reported for months, threatening to children. More information in Spanish on

  3. danimlg says:

    Microsoft allows pedophiles profiles in their social network in Windows Live, does not clear

    … child pornography has also been reported in Windows Live (Microsoft), and does not clear.

  4. Amio Cajander says:

    totally agree with the previous comment. Microsoft Spain should cooperate with public adminsitrations to fight paedophilia but instead, by now, they are denying the evidences and hiding in their shell thus providing a shelter in their Social Network to sex offenders and child molesters.

  5. Ayla Roble says:

    Microsoft: tomorrow could be your children. Will need to violate your own children to stop this?

  6. picapiedra says:

    Microsoft, a traves de su red social Windows Live, es cómplice en casos de pederastía.

  7. Alex. says:

    Clean windows live from pedophiles. It's a shame. Clean it NOW.

  8. Zifra says:

    Microsoft allows pedophiles profiles in their social network in Windows Live, dont'be hypocrite!

  9. PituskayA says:

    La red de Microsoft, Windows Live, es un lugar donde se vulneran derechos de los niños y se cometen delitos. La compañia no actua a pesar de multples denuncias, acaso le interesan estos contenidos ilegales…?

    Hagan algo ya!, no sigan beneficiandose de los delitos, eso es una complicidad que alcanza grado de autoria, por su participacion (consentimiento) necesario.

  10. Susiga says:

    Hijo Niños señores de Microsoft. Los Que estan siendo acosados Por Pedófilos y Pederastas Diariamente En Su Red Social de Windows Live. Pongan Una Solución ya .

  11. Jainko says:

    I wish to inform you that on the network profiles exist Windos Live pedophiles and pedophiles in "public" view of any and that groups of children under age are allowed to access something habitual.Microsoft also informed the Spanish authorities NOT CLEAR PROFILES that advocate of pedophilia.

    on the other hand, if Microsoft decides to remove a profile to find offense, do not do anything with the hundreds of people linked to that profile, which for the most part are very similar

    not in any way limit access to that particular IP or MAC, so that the profiles are reopened in a matter of much more effective hours.Transfer bann any gardening forum PHP than that produced by these companies to profiles reported and offensive

    also NEVER TAKE LEGAL ACTION, limiting the closing of the profiles and without making specific allegations

    are your children, are our children .. stop this hell of indifference

    thanks for your attention

  12. microsoft says:

    We agree that child pornography and exploitation are a problem across many online services worldwide, which is why Microsoft is investing in technology initiatives such as the ones discussed above to try to get in front of the issue and disrupt the spread of child pornography online.  Windows Live and Microsoft, like many other online service providers, partner with law enforcement and work to remove and report illegal and inappropriate content when it is identified on our services.  Microsoft is also pushing forward to develop, implement and share new innovations like PhotoDNA to move beyond the largely manual and reactive identification processes used by the majority of online services today to help services begin to proactively identify and disrupt these problems.  There is a long way to go, but Microsoft is deeply committed to advancing solutions to combat child exploitation.  

  13. mike says:

    Demi and Ashton?

    I'm unimpressed.

    I'm predisposed to believe that this activity is worthless because of Demi and Ashton.

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