Rethink, Reform and Rebuild Education

Posted by Pamela Passman
Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs

At Microsoft, we are committed to help tackle some of society’s biggest challenges. In the past decade, I’ve worked alongside many dedicated colleagues who are passionate about making a difference in public education, as Microsoft employees, community advocates and parents. We all want to help improve educational outcomes for children and provide teachers with the tools and support they need. We are always looking for new and creative ways to support teachers, students and parents in these efforts.   

Microsoft has a long history of involvement in education, with national and community-based programs designed to empower teachers and inspire students, such as Partners in Learning, EduConnect and Imagine Cup, as well as our ongoing support for the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math). 
Today, Microsoft is pleased to launch Bing REDU, a forum for public discussion and engagement that’s focused on helping to improve the U.S. education system. It seems like now more than ever, the education conversation is swirling at all levels of American life, from the White House to our dinner tables. While people may disagree about the nature of the challenges, and the potential solutions, there is consensus about one thing: that we all must do more to support our schools, our teachers and our students. But how? was designed to help facilitate a national conversation on education, drive engagement and inspire action at both community and national levels. The site gives people a place to learn and discuss how this critical issue is evolving. It also provides resources for people to take action – such as how to become a teacher, give money or volunteer at schools, and find tools and curriculum. Think of it as a “home room” on the Web designed to inspire and empower everyone to help. 

We hope inspires you to help improve education for our children. Please check it out – and be a booster, a leader, a reformer or a teacher.

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  1. Stephen Jordan says:

    Thanks Pamela.  Education is rapidly evolving, and programs like are needed to help interested parties keep track of the latest developments.  We posted information about the program on the BCLC website at in order to raise awareness about the site among the corporate citizenship community.  Education is the #1 social issue supported by corporate citizens across the U.S., and we are all looking for ways to improve the future for our kids and our communities.  I wish you and the rest of the team, great success with this venture.  The country needs it.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

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