A New Forum for Africa

Posted by Owen Linderholm
Director, Microsoft on the Issues

Our colleagues in Africa have launched an interesting new blog for discussion of social and economic development on that continent, which is advancing rapidly in its use of and contributions to information and communications technology.

Having opened our first office in Africa in 1992, Microsoft now has more than 600 full-time staff and 17,000 partners there, working to innovate, expand access to technology, strengthen economies and address societal challenges. For a fresh perspective on the issues facing Africa and the world, check out Microsoft on the Issues Africa.

Comments (1)

  1. Gadema Quoquoi says:

    As an African businessman in the US, my hope is that, some of  the Africans that came here to study , and are now successful, will start thinking about going home to help with Africa's Development., including myself, in this 21st Century.

    Gadema Quoquoi

    President & CEO


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