Computers, Freedom and Privacy

Guest Post by Jon Pincus
Chief Technology Officer, Qworky
Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference

The issue of privacy in social networks is on the cover of Time
magazine and is showing up in attack ads in political races. We're in
the midst of intense political battles over net neutrality and
cybersecurity. The one-year anniversary of the Iranian election protests
highlights the potential as well as the risks of online activism for
human rights.  Issues like privacy of health-care information, the
'smart grid' and intelligent transportation systems are affecting more
and more people in their day-to-day lives.

And hey, guess what? All of these topics and more are on the agenda
for this week's 20th anniversary conference on Computers,
Freedom and Privacy
in San Jose, California. On top of that, we’ll
draft a Social Network Users' Bill of Rights and wrap up the
conference with a debate and voting.

CFP is sponsored by the Association
for Computing Machinery
(ACM) as part of its ongoing effort to
educate policymakers and the public on how computing and information
technologies are transforming our society. In aid of that, we're
webcasting many of the sessions, including Tuesday's opening session on Privacy and Free Speech: It's Good for Business and
Microsoft Chief Privacy Strategist Peter Cullen’s Tuesday afternoon 5
p.m. PT keynote, on The Importance of Accountable and Privacy-Centric
Organization in the Cloud Era: Why Privacy Matters

Our web site at
has a lot more information, including the program
and broadcast schedule.  The Twitter backchannels are
#cfpconf and #BillOfRights.

Please join us, in-person or online!

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