“Clicking With Caution” During Internet Safety Month

Posted by Caroline Curtin
Policy Counsel, U.S.
Government Affairs

Yesterday the U.S. Senate proclaimed June as
National Internet Safety month, part of a nationwide effort to raise
public awareness of potential online threats.

At Microsoft,
we’re continually looking for new ways to share online safety tips and
tools with parents and children. Recently we worked with the nation’s
largest school system – the New York City Department of Education – to
develop a four-part Internet safety video called Clicking with Caution. The video series will be
distributed to all NYC middle-school students this week.

especially excited about this safety video because it was produced by
teens for teens. ReelWorks, a New York City-based company that mentors
teens in the art of filmmaking, produced the documentary-style videos,
which focus on online awareness, online predators, cyber-bullying and
smart gaming. As the students in the video explain during a classroom
discussion about online safety, kids know more about the Internet than
adults do, in some ways, though they may not understand the risks.

Clicking with Caution
is the most recent addition to Microsoft’s efforts to equip parents and
children with information and tools to help them adopt healthy,
responsible and balanced gaming and digital media habits. To learn more,
visit GetGameSmart.com.

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  1. Samuel says:

    This is a really big issue. I used to work for one of the major MMO's and the amounts of compromised accounts we saw each day (through simple keylogging let alone anything else) was absolutely staggering.

    Considering how much personal information we store online and on our home pc's people really need to start wising up about how to protect themselves properly.

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