Study Demonstrates Benefits of Cloud Computing for Governments

Posted by David Bowermaster
Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues

In an interesting study published earlier this month, Darrell West of the Brookings Institution examined the issue of  “Saving Money Through Cloud Computing.” 

West used case studies to analyze the ability of cloud computing to bring greater efficiency, cost savings and innovation to local governments and federal agencies.  The news for government is good:  In West’s sample, savings generally averaged between 25 and 50 percent, and government customers benefitted from scalability, convenience and reliability.

For cloud computing to grow, West urges government agencies to ensure that they have appropriate privacy and security safeguards in place, and he urges Congress to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.  He also points to the need to clarify and harmonize the sometimes inconsistent and even contradictory rules that can apply to cross-border movement of data. 

Microsoft agrees with these suggested reforms and has recommended others.  To realize the full benefits of cloud computing, customers must have confidence that any data they create, share, or store in the cloud will be kept private and secure.

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