Update: WA State Moves 520 Bridge Project Forward

Posted by Brad Smith
General Counsel

Today marks an important step in fixing one of Washington State’s largest and most contentious transportation issues, the replacement of the SR 520 floating bridge.  This morning, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed several transportation bills, one of them being the funding needed to rebuild the 520 bridge.  Although getting to this point has been no easy feat and there are still some final design issues that must be sorted out, beginning work now on a safer more reliable bridge will have an immediate and positive impact on the local economy – in the form of new construction jobs.

We want to thank the community and Microsoft employees for being active and making their voices heard on this important issue.  And we applaud Governor Gregoire, the state legislature and local government leaders for taking action and moving forward with the next steps in rebuilding a vital transportation and economic corridor in the region.

To learn more: http://520bridge.posterous.com

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