North Carolina Becomes 8th State to join Elevate America

By David Bowermaster 
Administrator, Microsoft on the Issues

North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue announced yesterday that North Carolina will partner with Microsoft to implement Elevate America, an initiative designed to help get people back to work by giving state and local governments the tools and resources they need to provide no-cost or low-cost technology skills training to job seekers.

North Carolina joins seven other states that have launched Elevate America since the program began in February, including Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, Mississippi and Missouri.

As Microsoft Corporate Vice President Pamela Passman previously blogged, more than 50 percent of today’s jobs require technology skills, with experts predicting that percentage will rise  to 77 percent in the next decade.  In today’s market, jobs in almost every industry and at every level require at least basic proficiency with computers and other digital technologies. 

Elevate America is a key part of Microsoft’s effort to help train 2 million people over the next three years. We work with designated agencies in each state to implement the program. In North Carolina, for example, we are partnering with the North Carolina Community College System, the Division of Workforce Development in the N.C. Department of Commerce and the N.C. Employment Security Commission to distribute a total of 23,700 technology training vouchers during the next 90 days across the state. Courses range from basic technology literacy to intermediate-level technology skills.


For additional information regarding the Microsoft vouchers and locations where citizens can obtain a voucher in North Carolina, visit and click on the Microsoft Elevate America link.  


Having technology skills can make a big difference in making people more employable and more prepared to meet the demands and needs of the 21st century workplace. We look forward to partnering with more states to extend Elevate America in the coming months.

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