The Facts About the So-Called “Microsoft Bridge”

Posted by DeLee Shoemaker 
Director, Washington State Government Affairs 

Every week or so it seems there is a news report about one of the transportation infrastructure projects approved as part of the federal stimulus package.  Because the NE 36th Street overpass in Redmond is near our campus, some critics like to call this project “the Microsoft bridge.”  The fact is this is a public roadway designed to reduce severe congestion in a rapidly growing urban center with over 600 businesses and over 5,000 residences.  Washington Governor Chris Gregoire addressed this issue at a recent news conference (click Read More to see video):


If you’d like to see a full transcript of Gov. Gregoire’s remarks, click here.

Sharp-eyed readers may recall that Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith outlined our position on this issue with a blog post last month.

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