Harnessing Technology to Rebuild Prosperity

Posted by Pamela Passman 
Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs

In the face of unprecedented economic challenges, our political leaders are attempting to fix our nation’s finance, energy and healthcare systems while continuing to make investments in education and IT infrastructure that will enhance economic opportunities.

In the meantime, businesses large and small are rethinking their operations so they can cut costs and remain solvent. Investing in IT infrastructure at such a moment may seem counterintuitive. But, by smartly employing powerful technology tools that most organizations already use today, such investments will pay off in both the short- and long-term.

The enormous measures our government is taking to strengthen the U.S. economy will have a much greater impact if businesses use the tools they already have to operate efficiently, and position themselves to quickly take advantage of the revitalization of the economy when it occurs.

For more on how technology is one of the nation’s key assets in working to rebuild prosperity, click here.

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