Office 365 welcomes more customers to the family

Last week, we welcomed a  handful of customers across professional services, air travel and healthcare industries to Office 365. ALECITA, Eurowings, Multidata-Bluegarden, Sygnity and WellPoint are saving time and money while increasing productivity with Office 365. To learn more visit the Official Office 365 blog.


“That’s Why I Use SharePoint”

 Today, Microsoft launched “That’s Why I Use SharePoint,” a new section of the SharePoint website that addresses common pain points in organizations and how SharePoint can help solve them. Tools such as SharePoint how-to videos, feature reference cards, tips and tricks and success stories from everyday users are available on the site all aimed at…


IMC University saves approximately $40,000 with Microsoft; students and teachers note productivity gains

The needs of students and staff in the education space are radically changing. We are excited to share the story of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems in Austria and how the university’s use of Microsoft tools is changing the lives of students and educators. The university saved about $40,000 in tech service costs by…