MAPFRE provides 10,000 employees with home use of Microsoft Office 2010 for free!

Implementing new software in the workplace can be an easier transition when employees are already familiar with the software. MAPFRE, Spain’s largest insurance company with 16,838 employees, experienced great results after extending Microsoft Office 2010 to employees for home use. MAPFRE deployed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 across the company, with a licensing agreement that allows employees to install the same software at home for free. About 10,000 employees took advantage of this offer, which ultimately allowed MAPFRE’s employees to become more familiar with Microsoft Office 2010. “We think it is much easier for employees to transition to Microsoft Office 2010 if they have previously used it at home,” said Garcia Casquero, the Labor and Social Relations Director at MAPFRE. “We are certain that in many cases a great deal of training will be unnecessary, because employees will know how to use the suite, particularly popular applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel.”

MAPFRE’s results:

• Strong employee support for the program
• Increased employee loyalty, since the program goes above and beyond what people expect from an employer
• Lower training and IT costs; employees had the software for about a year before its implementation in the workplace

Read the full case study, here, and learn more about Microsoft Office 2010, here.

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