How will Office 365 measure up to the competition? Good signs from early reviews.

Since we announced the public beta launch of Office 365 last week, reviews for Office 365 began to stream in fast. Many reviewers have weighed in with a comparison between Office 365 and Google Apps. Here’s what they’ve said:

• Edward Moltzen from CRN said in his review, “Office 365, frankly, is to Google Apps as XBOX 360 Live is to Pong. It’s in a different league entirely and represents a leap into the next generation of computing.”
• Samara Lynn from PC Magazine noted in her review, “Most businesses still have Windows environments and, unless they have very light productivity and collaboration needs, or operate mostly on-line, it makes far more sense (in terms of migration path and integration) for them to move to a hosted Microsoft platform than to Google Apps.”
• In his review, Ed Bott from ZD Net raises the following question about Office 365: “Why is it a big deal—and why do I prefer this type of solution to Google Apps?” He notes great online and offline support, among other attributes, in his review.

Try Office 365 public beta for yourself and make your own comparison.


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