Microsoft OneNote Mobile for iPhone Extends the Office Experience

You never know when a brilliant idea will strike — it might be while waiting in line for a latté at Starbucks, sitting courtside at a basketball game, or while getting ready to board a plane!

Similar to OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote Mobile for iPhone gives people the tools to quickly capture ideas, update lists and stay organized while on the go. For those of us who remember the Mead Trapper Keeper, OneNote is the much-improved modern day equivalent – it’s today’s digital notebook and filing system for everything from brilliant ideas to mundane tasks. All tidbits of information get backed up online and synced on Windows Live SkyDrive for access online, from a PC or on the phone. The OneNote app is free for a limited time, so get your copy on the iTunes App Store.

OneNote Mobile for iPhone is part of Office’s ongoing evolution to meet the mobile needs of the 750 million people worldwide who use Office every day to get things done. Read more about the mobile OneNote experience in this blog post by Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president for Microsoft Office.

Comments (21)

  1. Thanks for your comments! In response to your questions, the OneNote Mobile app for iPhone is currently available in the U.S. only. We will announce expanded locations as available.

    As for the error codes you might be seeing, the team is working on an update to fix this intermittent initial log in issue. In the meantime, you can find the workaround here: We apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. Microsoft has fixed the login issue (400 error) and released an update, OneNote Mobile version 1.0.1, available now through the iTunes App Store. If you installed OneNote Mobile version 1.0, please go to the iTunes App Store on your iPhone and install the update. Thank you for your patience.

  3. No, the OneNote Mobile iPhone app is designed to sync notes between the phone, browser and desktop via Windows Live SkyDrive.

  4. Thanks for your continued interest in and use of OneNote! Although we don’t have anything further to announce today, you should expect Office to continue developing productivity solutions for multiple platforms and devices.

  5. alex says:

    It is not avaialble in my store. is it US only?

  6. Naceron says:

    Cool but it require the latest 4.2 firmware to work 🙁 Microsoft should review this and think about 4.1 and 4.0 firmwares too!

  7. Dmitry says:

    I wish I tried this, but cannot download it on my first gen iPhone since it doesn't have 4.2 firmware. I will continue using MobileNoter as OneNote for iPhone.

  8. shane says:

    This is great–will download for my iPad. But really need the Android versions. In particular–OneNote on Android. The blog post linked above had an MS rep post that OneNote users specifically only requested iPhone versions–that's a pretty silly comment–of course there are tons of users that want to run OneNote on Android!

  9. David says:

    I am getting a sync error…loading list of notebooks failed (400)

  10. Dan_IT says:

    When will this be rolled out to the Australian app store? Limiting the app to the US store is not really meeting the needs of your 750 million users world wide. I can understand limiting it based on localization, but we speak English here as well.

    Other then that the app looks great and I look forward to being able to use it.

  11. james says:

    It's outrageous to put out a press release referring to helping the 750 million customers, and then restrict it to the US?

    What possible reason is there for restricting it in this way?

    And can we please have a clear timetable as to when the rest of your 750 million customers can actually use your product?

  12. SwissLo says:

    What is the point of advertising for an app if it is to limit it to one store only. People at MS should start 'thinking' (please look in the dictionnary if that word doesn't ring a bell). OneNote is included in Office versions internationally…what's the point then?

  13. Jeff25 says:

    IWNewsBites, when can we expect to see an Android version?  I'm tired of everyone talking about Evernote's support of all platforms since I'm committed to OneNote on my PC…  Thanks

  14. bill says:

    I agree…if you can add Android it would be very marketable.

  15. michcar says:

    What about for android devices?????

  16. brad says:

    Agreed. Now that the release of Android 3.0 release is eminent for Tablets, there needs to be a version of OneNote to support Android.  Please start working on support for Android.  MobileNoter is good, but native Android support from Microsoft is necessary.

  17. SharePoint_d says:

    Does this app support OneNote 2010 notebooks stored in SharePoint 2010 (or 2007)?

  18. Joe says:

    Any possibility of a OneNote version for blackberry?

  19. MikeS says:

    There seem to be more people lining up for OneNote on Android … any news yet?

  20. KoolKid says:

    I love it I have the Iphone 4 an this is a major break through

  21. P V Cook says:

    I don't have an iphone so why do I need this?  Not having it is holding up some of my other aps.  why?

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