Office 2010 Celebrates its Half Birthday

It has been a busy six months since the launch of Office 2010. But right now, we’re pushing aside the chocolate cake to list the reasons why we’re celebrating the half birthday of Office 2010.

First, customers are buying Office 2010 at a record pace. Office has seen double-digit growth in its first full quarter on the market, a 50 percent increase in business non-annuity sales, and a 5 percent increase in multi-year licenses in Q1. Needless to say, we’re delighted by the rate of adoption and interest from consumer and business customers. While the numbers are amazing, what pleases us even more are the many ways customers have become more efficient and productive as a result of implementing Office 2010.

Global Crossing recently said its sales teams have decreased the time it takes to create proposals for customers by 30 percent, thanks to co-authoring in Office 2010.

Companies including Pfizer and ResMed also use OneNote in their engineering departments for product development and process improvement, helping the companies speed time to market.

Kaiser Permanente now has the ability to save directly to a SharePoint site from Office, which was reason enough for the company to upgrade to Office 2010. Along the same lines, Cushman & Wakefield achieved an efficiency improvement of 66 percent through its synchronization of SharePoint Server 2010 and Excel 2010. Not bad!

Hotel giant Hilton Worldwide is also joining with world-class technology providers to maintain its position as the leader in hospitality technology. As part of this program, Hilton uses Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Exchange 2010 and Windows 7 to experience the benefits of our integrated productivity platform. Using Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tools, Hilton Worldwide employees will benefit from better access to information; the ability to quickly and easily locate subject matter experts; and improved collaboration and information sharing amongst geographically dispersed work teams at its 3,600+ global locations.

Office 2010 sets a new standard to help people get things done. We’d like to raise a glass to toast our customers’ success! Now back to our chocolate birthday cake….

Customers still considering Office 2010 can visit to learn how business can benefit from Office 2010.

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