From Shinjuku to Shinagawa – a New Head Office at Last!(新宿から品川へ ついに新オフィス誕生!)


Greetings! My name is Greg Fenich and I am the Sr. Finance Director for Microsoft Japan.

Finally, the office move is behind us and it has been a month since we settled into the new office in Shinagawa Grand Central Tower. What a journey it has been for all of us and now we can enjoy the benefits for years to come! Each day, as I pass through the busy Shinagawa station on my way to and from the office, I feel inspired by the ongoing Microsoft AD banners on 25th anniversary and Cloud Power and electronic advertising at Digital Signage for the Cloud hanging overhead in the station.


 Microsoft AD banners at Sinagawa station

I feel proud to know that others can notice these sites as well and it gives them another glimpse of how Microsoft is changing the way we do business and evolving as an IT leader. This feeling continues as I walk through the office floors and see our improved work environment enabling better team collaboration and productivity. I get excited when I hear of the responses from our customers and partners who love what they see. Sure, like many of us, my commute is a bit longer and there are more people in the station but, when I enter the office building, I know it was well worth the change and, again, I feel proud and excited to start my day.

In addition to my current responsibilities, I had the great opportunity to lead the Project Management Office (PMO) team since joining last July. There were many employees involved in different aspects of this building consolidation and, on behalf of the PMO, I extend our sincerest thank you to each and every one. This project could not have happened if we did not have your participation so, like me, I hope you all feel proud and excited with the outcome! Of course, as a finance person, I want to share some of the more interesting numbers borrowed from RE&F (Real Estate & Facility) Group:

  1. Total people moved:                   2,560
  2. Total Volume of Items Moved:    1,884 tons
    1. Personal belongings:         25,200 boxes
    2. PC/Servers:                     3,020 sets
  3. Gross Number of Trucks:            854 cars
  4. Total Move Hours:                      231 hours

While the move is complete, the PMO and related teams are still active in gathering your feedback and following up as appropriate. We want to hear your voice so that we can continue make this the best work place for you and all future employees, an office that will continue to make you feel proud and excited each time you enter. A place that will continue to inspire new ideas for our customers and partners, that will support employee’s diverse way of working and which excites our sales and marketing teams with endless opportunities. A place that makes you believes that anything is possible!

Thank you again for being part of my Shinagawa experience!


こんにちは! 日本マイクロソフト、ファイナンスディレクターのグレッグフェニチです。





  1. 引越した社員数:        2,560 名
  2. 引越したアイテムの総計:    1,884 トン
    1. 個人の荷物:      25,200 ボックス
    2. PC/ Servers:      3,020 セット
  3. トラックの総数:          854 台
  4. 引越しに要した時間:        231 時間



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