Join our next OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”



Join our next #OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”


During 2016, the OneNote team launched more than 36 new OneNote features that educators won’t want to miss in our blog here. And to celebrate a successful year together, we’re inviting all OneNote avengers to share #Bestof2016 OneNote experiences in our upcoming OneNoteQ TweetMeet on December, 6th at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, PT.

In preparation for the Twitter chat, below you will find all the information and background you need to join so you can share your favorite #Bestof2016 OneNote moments in our final #OneNoteQ TweetMeet of 2016.

What are #OneNoteQ TweetMeets?

Every first Tuesday of the month the OneNote in Education team organizes a OneNoteQ TweetMeet in close collaboration with OneNote Central, Educators and other OneNote EDU experts. We discuss several questions presented by guest hosts around a theme changing monthly. Any Twitter user can participate in these chats at 10AM and 4PM PST by mentioning the hashtag #OneNoteQ in their tweets.


Our #OneNoteQ chats debuted on Twitter this past July, see OneNoteQ TweetMeet announcement post on the Office Blogs for more information and tips. A great way to monitor the #OneNoteQ hashtag – and any Twitter search query, for that matter – is through a TweetDeck dashboard. Watch the following short tutorial to quickly learn how to set one up:



MIEExpert TweetMeet Hosts

We have two hosts this month. The first is MIE Expert Biology and Science teacher Sarah Clark from Scotland. Sarah will host the TweetMeet session at 10AM PST. Host for the second TweetMeet event at 4PM PST is Steffi Svendsen. Steffi is also an MIE Expert and currently works as a pedagogical advisor and teacher ambassador for Microsoft Norway. Both hosts are avid OneNote users. Be inspired by their bios at the bottom of this post.


OneNoteQ TweetMeet Questions

Every TweetMeet, the host will tweet several questions. For the first time, we are publishing these questions ahead of time right in this post so that you can prepare your answers more easily. Consider creating a blog post, a video, a Sway, a presentation or any other type of content up front and share that with the OneNote community during the TweetMeet. During the TweetMeet, be sure to use the hashtag #OneNoteQ!


The following questions will come up during the OneNoteQ TweetMeets of December 6:

Q1 What has been your favorite feature of #OneNote this year?

Q2 Who has helped you the most when working with #OneNote?

Q3 How has #OneNote enabled collaboration most this past year?

Q4 Which #OneNote feature helps you most in teaching and integrating coding & #STEM?

Q5 What Learning Tools for OneNote feature has become your favorite?

Q6 Which #MSFTEdu tools do you love using with #OneNote?

Q7 What was your best #OneNote student success moment this past year?


Guest Hosts for our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet on December 6


Sarah Clark

I am a Biology teacher at Queen Anne High School in Fife. I am in my second year of the MIEExpert programme and I love the connections I have made both virtually and in person with other educators.  In my classes I am using lots of the Microsoft tools and for me the key is integrating them across the curriculum to develop the students’ digital skills. OneNote has become integral to my teaching and to the learning of the students in my classes. We love that all their work for the subject is organized and in one place that they can access on any device at any time. They are all becoming little OneNote Avengers and are teaching me new things every day! I’m so excited to meet everybody joining the OneNoteQ TweetMeet! @sfm36 – Sarah Clark


Steffi Svendsen

I am a former teacher, an MIE Expert and OneNote Avenger. During my time as a 5th to 7th grade teacher, I loved using OneNote to create a student-centered classroom. Cloud-based tools like OneNote promote teamwork as everyone can be a contributor, while giving me more one-on-one time to guide and foster my students. During my time as a team leader, I implemented the use of OneNote for staff collaboration and ease of access. Now I work as a pedagogical advisor and teacher ambassador, where I combine my love for teaching with my knowledge of OneNote to empower teachers and students in the classroom. Facilitating learning using today’s tools isn’t just about demonstrating how to use software, but motivating people to discover the delight and joy from creating in these new mediums. I hope many of you are joining the OneNoteQ TweetMeet and I am looking forward meeting you all! @SteffisTeaching – Steffi Svendsen


OneNote resources

Onenote in Education interactive video guides

OneNote the Ultimate Colaboration Tool – Teacher Academy course

OneNote in Education sample notebooks on

OneNote 101: Take More Creative and More Organized Notes with Microsoft OneNote – Melanie Pinola for (Dec 2016)


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Helpful EdTech Influencers in our #OneNoteQ TweetMeets each week:

  • @MTholfsen – Mike Tholfsen is product manager on the Microsoft in Education team
  • @OneNoteC – OneNote Central – follow this account for tips, tricks and news pointers related to OneNote


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