Transform your classroom: 4 ways technology takes teaching and learning to the next level

Did you know that there are 1.4 billion students in the world? When you consider this immense student population, and the 65.2 million educators dedicated to teaching them, technology becomes even more important.

At Microsoft, we believe that people can do remarkable things when technology is within their reach. We also know that the right technology can literally become the engine for creating, sharing, exploring, individualizing teaching, and much more. Read more about teaching and learning solutions and download the teaching and learning eBook designed specifically to help teachers and school leaders on this journey.

There are 1.4 billion students in the world. Of those, more than 72 million remain unschooled.As our economies and societies become more and more digital, computational thinking becomes critical. It’s more important than ever to empower educators to create environments in and out of the classroom that guide and nurture student passions, and enable them to achieve beyond their greatest imaginations – making, designing, inventing, building the future.

We’re committed to partnering with educators on their journey to redefine learning. Core to our mission is creating immersive and inclusive learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning.

The aim is to empower students and educators to create and share in entirely new ways, to teach and learn through exploration, and to adapt to individual learning needs. All this makes it possible to design, invent and build an optimum learning environment with technology that stays out of the way.

Here are four ways technology helps transform teaching and learning in your school:

Create and share in entirely new ways  Teaching and learning through doing and exploring  Accommodate individual learning needs  Focus on outcomes, not technology
 Create and share in entirely new ways  Teach and learn through doing and exploring  Accommodate individual learning needs  Focus on outcomes, not technology

1. Create and share in entirely new ways

Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity are essential life skills in the 21st century. Tools like OneNote Class Notebook, Sway, Office 365 and Skype provide the resources and experiences students need to create, build, collaborate, research and analyze.

With Office 365, teachers can save time. Save time with free access to the world’s most popular productivity suite. Sway can also help teachers create and share interactive class materials, and projects. And OneNote helps teachers stay organized, deliver curriculum, and collaborate with students and colleagues.

For example, Barnier Public School in Australia had national scores that were 30 points behind the state average. And with new technologies – like Sway –  and a focus on collaboration, their 5th grade students have moved decisively ahead of their peers.

Innovative educator Barry Corrigan, from Northern Ireland, credits OneNote with making homework fun – not only for his students, but for parents as well. Read more about their story.

“The use of OneNote has made a massive difference in the classroom,” Corrigan says. “I am driven by the desire to do things differently; to make a difference to the children and families in my care as well as…to education across Northern Ireland.”

2. Teaching and learning through doing and exploring

Great technology cannot replace great teaching; it’s essential that schools have access to the right tools that help drive the most effective learning. Whether it’s traveling the world without leaving the classroom through a virtual field trip with Skype, creating virtual worlds and then exploring them with Minecraft, or bringing subjects to life – including math! – through pen-to-paper partner apps, students can simulate the real world.

Scott Bedley’s 5th grade classroom uses Skype to connect and engage with other classrooms around the world. By playing Mystery Skype, his students learn to use technology and gain a global perspective.

3. Accommodate individual learning needs

There is no one “right way” to learn. So we want to give educators the freedom and flexibility to teach for their students, to track progress and instantly adjust, and to let students learn in a way that suits them, in a way that makes learning more personal and productive.

Windows 10 supports assistive learning experiences, like digital pen for visual thinking, touch for tactile learning, text-to-speech for students with visual impairments and speech-to-text for students with hearing impairments.

And, named the first top Dyslexia App of 2016, the Learning Tools for OneNote help improve reading and writing skills for students of all abilities.

4. Focus on outcomes, not technology

Technology in the classroom should be transparent, empowering educators and students to focus on learning outcomes. This means providing learning experiences built on simplicity, robust security and privacy.

Windows 10 Education provides powerful learning experiences with a wide range of tools designed specifically for education. With a single sign-on, you can access all your learning material from any device, online or offline. Configurable tools protect student information by helping to block damaging malware and undesirable content and apps.

It’s easy to find new and affordable Windows 10 devices that make the most of your budget. From the flexible Surface with best-in-class digital inking capabilities and other mobile devices, to laptop and desktop PCs, the unparalleled breadth of Windows devices appeals to every need and every price point.
Microsoft is empowering educators to create environments in and out of the classroom that guide and nurture student passions, so that students can achieve beyond their wildest imaginations. Make sure you download the Microsoft Teaching and Learning eBook to get started. Teaching can sometimes feel like a lonely job, but there’s a whole community of colleagues out there to support you, provide resources, and offer ideas. The Microsoft Educator Community website is our effort to give you a single place to get training, find lessons, connect with others, share your expertise, and more. Sign up today, and be among the first to know about upcoming events and trainings, both in-person and online. Join us!


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