Connect your classroom to the world: Join Microsoft’s global education Skype-a-Thon

Are you and your students ready to take an incredible journey? Yes? Then get ready, get set, #Skypeathon!

At Microsoft, we believe the most powerful way to learn is from each other, and when we connect classrooms, we can change the world. That’s why we’re empowering students and educators around the globe to do just that. On November 29th and 30th, Microsoft is hosting is a Global Education Skype-a-Thon. Over 48 hours, participants will contribute to help reach a goal of travelling three million virtual miles.

Wondering exactly what happens during the Global Skype-a-Thon? It’s really up to your class. You can choose from thousands of activities, like talking with an expert guest speaker on a topic your class is studying. Or your class can even pack their virtual bags for a virtual field trip.

You can also connect to classrooms in other countries with #Mystery Skype, a global guessing game that teaches kids geography, promotes cultural understanding and broadens perspectives.

Get started in three easy steps. Here’s how!

Step 1: Join our Educator Community

November 29th will be here before you know it, so make sure you register for the Microsoft Educator Community today. From there, you can set up your profile with your call availability and let other classrooms know you’re participating. Join today!

Step 2: Find a classroom or expert to connect with over Skype

There are so many ways to connect with classrooms around the globe during this year’s Skype-a-Thon, from playing Mystery Skype, to taking a virtual field trip, or hearing from a guest speaker. What will your class do? You can even prepare by taking Skype lessons to learn tips – like making sure you have a good microphone –  to ensure you have an easy and stress-free Skype-a-Thon. Find someone to connect with and schedule your call.

Step 3: See our “How to Get Started” Sway and spread the word on your travel plans!

Once you and your students have picked your Skype-a-Thon activity, schedule a time between November 29th and 30th to connect! For more info, check out the How to Get Started Sway. And once you’re ready to go, add the Twibbon in your own social media!
Here’s what some teachers had to say about last year’s Global Skype-a-Thon:

  • “Where are we going today? Skypeathon 2015 ignited my students’ enthusiasm to discover as many new places and meet as many new people as they could. Best of all, they learned the whole world is their classroom!” 
    – Tammy Dunbar, USA


  • “Skype-a-thon brought energy, knowledge and motivation to my class. Instead of the usual book, we open “windows” to the real far, so close world. Suddenly we were face to face, sharing and eager to learn more and more with our Kakuma peers. I’m sure my pupils learn more in these 60 minute lessons than in [a whole] month. They connected with a real situation [in] the world around them, they learned about Kakuma, they thought about their situation and expressed their opinions! It was a full bucket of knowledge and active citizenship!” 
    – Virginia Esteves, Brazil


  • “Geographically located apart, Skype-a-thon connected our students who travelled thousands of virtual miles learning and sharing with experts across the globe.” 
    Sajeetha Barathi, India

Be sure to register today, schedule your Global Skype-a-Thon call, and get ready to share a once-in-a lifetime learning experience.

In today’s world, technology can connect students to limitless amounts of content and knowledge. We are creating citizens of the world from the early years, and a channel to share ideas, innovation and expertise across borders. Together we can make this Skype-a-thon an amazing example of the power of global learning.

We can’t wait to travel the world with you. See you at the #Skypeathon!


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