, an educator’s wonder tool

Guest post by Pip Cleaves, is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Surface Expert.

Ever stumble across a tool you’ve been wanting forever and immediately find a use for it? is my wonder tool.

I stumbled across late in 2015. Instantly I saw a use for this new Microsoft platform; I could see that it brought together Pinterest, WordPress, and Diigo into one online space. It answered so many needs I have as an educator.

I work in a middle years school in Inner West Sydney that is running a successful BYOD program. I wanted a way to share a student diary with our student population of approximately 900 students. I didn’t want to share, rather I wanted to deliver a stand-alone OneNote notebook to any platform.

Earlier in 2015 I came across the wonderful Liberate Genius resources from Angela Maiers. I was keen to find out how she had delivered the stand alone OneNote notebook in this resource section.

And then during my summer vacation, I had a lightbulb moment after I discovered another OneNote notebook hosted by, and I was on my way to sharing the student diary among our community.

The result is the SSC Leichhardt Student Diary. I made a poster and placed it around the school and we were off and running. The process has worked exactly as planned. Simple, Free, Accessible. Just what busy teachers need.

Once I succeeded in my Mission Student Diary I started to think of other ways I could use the platform. Three months since I first started using the platform and its flexibility and simplicity continues to inspire me.

Here’s what I’ve been able to do with so far:

In short, can do the following for educators everywhere:

  • Share documents such as Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs to peers and students
  • Create useful collections comprised of documents, links, and PowerPoint presentations. Bring together all your links for a unit of work or topic of study
  • Write blog posts or reports and bring them together in one collection. This could be both student and teacher focussed
  • Share student work
  • Follow other educators and incorporate their links into your collection

What will you do with My journey with has only just begun. Follow me and see what together we can make of this amazing platform.

 Pip Cleaves is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Surface Expert. She is the Head Teacher Learning Innovation and Japanese Teacher at Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus in inner West Sydney, Australia. In her classroom and school, Pip focusses on creating future-focused learning experiences that open opportunities for students. She is addicted to all things new and shiny, and can often be found scouring social media for new ideas and products to trial in her classroom. Connect with her on the Educator community.


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