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The world is changing. Fast.

Now more than ever, the education sector needs to adapt and innovate to continually ensure that we are providing the best possible education opportunities for every child, everywhere.

As education leaders, we hear a great deal about “what” needs to change in education and “why,” but we hear very little about “how” to make these changes.  

The reality is that it is often difficult to learn about how to innovate. “Innovation in education” is not a lesson to be taught in one class, or a focus for a special week. It is a whole-school approach which creates the conditions where all learners (adult and child) develop the skills, dispositions and opportunities to work together to design solutions, prototype concepts, and iterate improvements. Innovation is a way of working, and the tools that can help are actually quite simple to learn.

With this in mind, we’re excited to share a brand new Introduction to Edupreneurship course with you. This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Microsoft and our friends at Education Changemakers, a group of teachers and school leaders based in Melbourne, Australia. The course gives you tips and tricks to identify the right challenges to solve in your school, and then offers ways you can bring your team together to solve them. After taking this course, you will develop your own unique approach to edupreneurship and change leadership, and will have the tools to create a highly personalized and dynamic leadership strategy.

The course has proven success, as it was built on the face-to-face Microsoft School Leadership Academies held in partnership with Education Changemakers at the BETT Conferences in Mexico, Singapore, the UK, and Abu Dhabi. Hundreds of education leaders from across the globe took part, and we’re excited to hear about the impact the Academies have had on their schools and classes.

The online course is broken down into five fun, bite-sized modules, all online at Introduction to Edupreneurship. Get started today, and let us know your ideas and thoughts at #educhange and #msftedu!

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