Microsoft introduces new program to help leaders develop transformative world-class education systems

“Education systems are not simply collections of independently effective parts and pieces. Effective systems, by definition, are collections of parts and pieces that work in harmony with one another, each one reinforcing and supporting the functioning of the other parts and pieces, and all of them together contributing in a positive way to the outcomes for which the system was designed.”
 – The National Center on Education and the Economy’s (NCEE) Center, page 4, 2016

How do education leaders reach excellence and maintain highest education standards for their students? Very few education systems in the world can claim top rankings of student performance, improvement, and innovation.

What sets effective education leaders apart and how can we learn from them? And, how do they continue learning and striving for excellence? Who are their coaches and mentors?

Many of the world’s leading countries in education coach and mentor others. Finland has become an educational tourism destination over the past 20 years, hosting 300 groups annually, and Finnish education leaders are proud to share their approach. At the same time, they know Finnish education can continue to improve and they have asked how they can learn from other leading countries in education. There are more countries too that seek this sharing and input. In response, Microsoft is pleased to launch the Leading Countries of the World in Education Transformation program.

The mission of the Leading Countries of the World in Transforming Education program is to provide ministries and departments of education—and a select high level group of leaders across the world—with opportunities to collaborate, learn, share, support, and provide guidance to each other and others on developing transformative world-class education systems. The founding members have been invited because of their innovative strategic approaches to the transformation of their education systems. All of the leading countries have accomplished exemplary transformation in one or more components of the Education Transformation Framework.

Together, the program members have the opportunity to develop criteria for successful education transformation, create a unique think tank for education ideas, and showcase their successes and innovations with peers where they can provide and receive feedback.  Today we welcome leaders to the program from Argentina, Finland, and United Arab Emirates plus partners from the Education World Forum (EWF). At the inaugural meeting in Helsinki slated for the end of May, members will share learnings, tools, frameworks and experiences, as well as begin to engage in collaborative projects and share examples of transformation in areas such as STEM, personalized learning, deep learning, education and learning analytics, increasing access to learning through digital curriculum.

We look forward to sharing more as we learn from one another!

To learn more and strengthen education transformation at your school, read and download resources found here: Ten critical components of school transformation and the Education Transformation Framework.

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