Personalized learning: It's not just for students anymore

Here at Microsoft, empowering every educator to do more means ensuring that teachers have the right resources, tools and support to transform their classrooms. But professional development can look very different from teacher to teacher.

Sometimes, you just need quick insights to jumpstart your classroom. For that, we offer webinars like the recent #HacktheClassroom and the upcoming March 9th Virtual E2 Conference – the first time we've opened this inspiring, educator-focused event to all educators.

When you need more in-depth training, Microsoft in Education online professional development courses and learning paths are free, easy-to-access and cover nearly every topic related to integrating technology into your teaching practice. Along the way, you can also earn badges and qualify to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE).

Discover your unique learning journey

Whether you're starting with basic digital ICT competency courses, looking to master specific classroom resources, or ready to tackle 21st century learning design, Microsoft in Education professional development will empower you to use Microsoft tools to transform your classroom into a highly successful 21st century learning space.

Microsoft's online training is flexible, with robust learning paths (collections of resources and courses that lead to mastery of a specific product or topic) and courses (one- to three-hour quick classes that quickly get you up-to-speed on specific tools). There is also a wide range of on-demand help — likequick tip videos and other resources – ready when you are, anytime and anywhere.

If your professional development journey is in need of a structured, in-depth curriculum, our latest Learning Paths provide exactly that, no matter what your level of expertise:

Teaching with Technology 2016. This beginning curriculum has been revamped to help educators who are in the early stages of bringing technology-based learning into their classrooms. It still features the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, but it's now streamlined so that you can get through it more quickly, and prepare for your MCE credential. This critical learning path is now available in English, and will be launching courses in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German and more in the coming weeks.

Microsoft in the Classroom. This intermediate Learning Path demonstrates how Microsoft tools and technologies impact teaching and learning, with a focus on improving student outcomes. This compelling content, previously available only for in-person trainings, features scenario-based, facilitated presentations and click-through guides to help you practice what you've learned.

21st Century Learning Design. This advanced curriculum has always been popular, and we've just made it even better. Presented via Office Mix, this 20-hour/eight-course package includes high-energy videos, and features Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts demonstrating how lessons work in real-life classrooms.

Whichever Learning Path you choose, you can keep track your progress along the way. And if you're already an expert on any of the content, you can skip directly to the assessment. As long as you score 80 percent or higher, you'll get full credit for that course, receive your badge and move on to your next challenge.

Targeted learning with the latest courses

While Learning Paths are designed to help you master complex competencies, our individual courses offer a quick way to master specific skills and products. These courses are constantly being updated to ensure you have the most current information. Here are just a few examples:

Teacher Academy Windows 10. This course helps you navigate, organize and customize the desktop in Windows 10. You'll learn the basic features of Windows 10, along with productivity tools like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and OneDrive/OneNote.

Microsoft Creative Coding Through Games and Apps. Learn to ignite your students' imaginations with this computer science curriculum, designed to reach a broad and diverse range of students, from novices to masters.

Empower Students to do more with Office 2016. This course takes only an hour, and covers the new features of Office 2016, helping you and your students stay organized, collaborate and gain experience in the de facto business tools of today's workforce.

New support for teacher trainers

We understand that in some situations, face-to-face training is the most effective way for educators to learn. Educators who complete the MIE Trainer Academy Learning Path now have access to face-to-face training content, including three-hour teacher academies with scripts, PowerPoints and other materials you need to provide rich professional learning opportunities in your own school or district.

Wherever you are on your professional development journey, we're there for you with Learning Paths, courses and resources that are flexible and customizable – empowering you to transform learning.

For complete descriptions of Microsoft's flexible professional development curriculum for teachers, visit Microsoft in Education online professional development today.


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