Microsoft Surface Reaches More Students, Offers Education Discount for Surface 3

Whether bringing Windows 10 into more classrooms, ensuring schools have access to the latest immersive and inclusive learning tools, or getting the right devices into students' hands to support their unique learning needs, Microsoft is committed to empowering students to achieve more.

Today, Microsoft Surface announced four new schools–more than 23,000 devices–bringing Windows 10 devices into their classrooms, along with a 30% discount on Surface 3 education bundles for qualifying institutions through March 31, 2016. According to a recent IDC study on digital inking in the classroom, devices like Surface are game changers. Surface and Surface Pen can help teachers be more dynamic, efficient and engaged with their students. And now, it's even easier for teachers to get their hands on these valuable tools.

You can read more about how schools are incorporating Surface into their classrooms, as well as the education bundle, on the Microsoft Devices Blog.

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