7 Reasons to join the Microsoft Educator community

Connect and collaborate around the world and gain easy access to lessons created by educators for educators on the Microsoft Educator community. Here are 7 reasons to join now.

1. Register for a fun, interactive live lesson

Through Skype, you can bring the world into your classroom with live lessons for a wide range of subjects and age levels. From Classroom Bingo with animated characters to drawing sessions with world-renowned illustrators, there's something for every classroom, and it's free to sign up for every lesson!

2. Get a dose of inspiration with a quick tip video

These short, handy videos are designed to show you ways to save time and teach more efficiently with technology. From how to create infographics with PowerPoint to the basics of Windows 10, take a few minutes to get a major boost in productivity for the months ahead!

3. Get a free daily lesson plan

You might have seen the stunning homepage photos on Bing, but did you know that each day there's a free lesson plan for teachers, created by teachers, based on the image? With content tailored to three different age groups, bring something fresh to your classroom every day–you can find it on the Lesson Plans section of the Microsoft Educator Community.

4. Join the discussion and chat with educators from around the world

Home to over 1.5 million educators spanning xxx countries, the educator community is where global learning communities takes on new significance. Connect with teachers from around the world and share perspectives and ideas, and start collaborative projects!

5. Get in-depth training on Teaching with Technology

Serious professional development awaits you on the Microsoft Educator Community. From Teaching with Technology to the new and updated 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD), those looking for professional development have come to the right place.

6. Create and share your own lesson plans

With the easy-to-use Content Creator Tool, share your lesson plans with the world! Embed multimedia, such as Sways and OneNote notebooks, and be part of a worldwide community sharing classroom ideas.

7. Play Mystery Skype with other classrooms

Mystery Skype is an amazing way to foster creativity, critical thinking, and global citizenship skills in your students. You can find other classrooms (sorted for location, grade, subject, and availability) to play Mystery Skype with, directly on the community–where will your classroom's next adventure be?

Join the Microsoft Educator community.

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