Resources from Bing help educators teach kids to search safely, efficiently

Today's educators play a critical role in helping kids learn how search engines work, and how to use them. However most teachers don't receive much training in using search engines themselves. As a result, the Bing team at Microsoft has created teaching resources for educators to empower students to be great digital citizens.

Research shows teachers are lacking resources for teaching search for kids

Over the past two years, Bing Research has conducted a series of in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys with over 1000 K-12 educators and students across the U.S. We heard a lot about how educators teach search, as well as their frequent challenges.

In addition to a general lack of teaching resources for search, we learned:

  • Teachers teach many aspects of search, including basic query formulation and online safety.

  • One of teachers' major struggles is teaching critical thinking and how to evaluate online source credibility.

  • Search has changed a lot in recent years–not all teachers are up to date on how to get the best results from search engines.

  • Many teachers are not aware of Bing features that would help them teach more effectively and result in better learning outcomes.


"Ironically, I have the most trouble finding information on how to teach search engines for kids."

– Kim, first grade teacher

Resources from Bing helps educators teach kids to search

With this knowledge in mind, Bing created a video series with the goal of providing the information and materials educators need when teaching students how to search. The series delivers the basics of search in a fun, lightweight, and timeless fashion with a style suitable for K-12 students. And we're excited because the video series lays important groundwork for improved digital literacy in K-12 classrooms.

For example, students need better tools to evaluate search results. See this video on how to evaluate search results.

Bing detective drawing

Read other video topics:

Teachers tell us these videos provide a practical introduction to search in the classroom, as well as a jumping-off point for discussion about critical thinking and search skills.

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