7 Nifty Office tricks to make a teacher's life easier

The right technology makes lesson planning and essential tasks much easier and efficient for teachers. Check out these tips on how to utilize Office templates for shortcuts that help you save time for the important things you do in the classroom and at your school!

1. Use Excel for fast and easy grade book management

Excel is powerful and helps keep all your data organized in one place. Excel also calculates important scores for you. Find the above template by clicking File + New, then search for "grade book." There will be options for grade books based on both points and percentages. This video will show you how to use features like Flash Fill and Quick Analysis in Excel to calculate grades, examine trends, and accelerate all your gradebook needs.

Grade management template screenshot

2. Teach key math concepts by creating a math maze in Word

Simply click File + New, then search "math maze" in templates. Feel free to modify by the factor you are teaching.

math maze template screenshot

3. Make knowledge checks and test reviews fun with a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint

It's amazing how lessons become fun as soon as they become a game. With this easy template from PowerPoint Online, available through Office 365, you can set up a Jeopardy game to make test review something your students actually look forward to.

game template in PowerPoint

4. Keep track of budget needs and results from school fundraisers with this budget template

Fundraisers are complicated. Simplify with this nifty template prepopulated with formulas and fields to keep track of revenue, expenses, progress, and more. To get started, search for "fundraiser budget" in templates and select the one that comes up.

fundraiser budget template

5. Keep track of student information and attendance in one place with Excel

Simply search "student attendance record" in Excel templates for a ready-to-go spreadsheet.

student attendance template

6. Keep track of professional development with this handy log in Excel

If you have a list of lessons or courses to be completed, it's easy to keep track of progress using this Excel spreadsheet containing a training log, course list, and personnel info. To access, search "training log" in templates.

course training log tracking template

7. Design and maintain an academic club budget using Excel

Running a school club is difficult, and it's important to stay on top of your budget. Keep track of dues, fundraisers, and donations while tracking yearly expenses with this budget template from Excel Online.

academic club budget using Excel template

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