Join us! Computer Science Education Week Begins Today

Today, we help kick off Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code a movement led by to introduce millions of young people to the creativity of computer science.

As technology has become an integral part of nearly everyone's life, we're seeing a growing demand — from students, parents, teachers, governments, and nonprofits — to teach youth not only how to use technology, but also how to create technology to help them become the innovators and drivers of growth and opportunity in their communities. Learning computer science, and being introduced to coding, are shown to build critical skills like computational thinking and problem solving.

As a strong supporter of Hour of Code since its inception three years ago, we're excited to see educators lead coding tutorials in classrooms and community centers around the world this year. Microsoft employees are also volunteering in a variety of ways to bring the Hour of Code to 250,000 young people at Microsoft hosted events in more than 50 countries. In partnership with, Microsoft released the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial last month and 2.4 million kids have already completed their first Hour of Code with it.

As we believe every young person should have the opportunity to learn computer science, giving them the power to create with technology, we're thrilled to continue to partner with Please join us as we empower students around the world to achieve more. Read more at the Official Microsoft Blog.

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