Redefining Learning conferences go global, highlight local Showcase Schools

On October 9th, all the Microsoft Showcase Schools in the United Kingdom gathered for the first ever Redefining Learning Conference internationally in the Microsoft office in London. There had been two conferences held previously held in Los Angeles, California and Medina, Washington but this was an opportunity to share the new educator-led conference with to an audience outside the US. The Showcase Schools leaders and Microsoft Innovative Educators embraced it and now there is another conference coming up on December 3 and 4th in Oslo, Norway.

To learn more about this conference, check out the post in the November Edition of TheFeed that was written by Merlin John, a journalist who runs and attended the Redefining Learning Conference in the UK.

Here is a brief except: "It's the learning, not the technology." It's surprising how often that educator rallying call is undermined, even by those who use it most, like when you see them click on the Tweets about shiny tech rather than pedagogy. That’s broadly the leadership tightrope Microsoft walked at its Redefining Learning event in October at its Victoria, London, HQ.

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