Borderless and Limitless Teaching and Learning: Introducing the new Online Educator Community

We all know that learning has fundamentally changed: We're digital, we're mobile, and we have infinite ways to gather and share ideas. This change is radically shifting the ways students and educators communicate, collaborate, create and connect. It's a transformation enabled by technology, and it's opening up a new world of learning and perspective on a global scale.

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. This means recognizing that educators are the true heroes driving this transformation, and helping them bring innovative learning experiences into the classroom with great products, resources, training, professional development and community. For teachers, it also means virtually limitless and borderless opportunities to share ideas and spark professional growth.

Today, we are taking an exciting step toward fulfilling this mission by launching the new Microsoft online educator community website a centralized resource and engagement tool for educators that makes it easy to access a global network of educators, free interactive training and best practices.

Microsoft's educator community is the one location where educators can come together with peers and experts from around the world for materials, advice, examples and results to enrich instruction. All this with the flexibility to view on any device, at any pace.

We invite you to explore and join the educator community today to begin sharing and learning with over 1.5 million of your peers from over 235 countries.


On the new community site, educators can earn points and badges as they acquire skills, earning recognition from their peers along the way. They can also share their achievements, lesson plans and other content via social channels – all seamlessly integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

View this video to see highlights.

Here are just a few of the ways you can engage with this powerful community:

Find a lesson. Discover one of the thousands of live or on-demand lessons already created by teachers just like you. Or, create and share your own within this global community.

Connect with others. Reach out, connect and collaborate with educators, classrooms and experts around the world via Skype or online chats.

Share your expertise and thought leadership by contributing unique content that inspires and educates.

Play Mystery Skype, a fun, easy and powerful way for students and teachers to collaborate with classrooms thousands of miles away or right next door.

Get trained. From webcasts to quick tip videos to workshops, Microsoft provides online and in-person training and professional development resources to help educators master the use of collaborative technologies in their classrooms. Learn how to make the most of OneNote, Sway, Windows, Office 365 Education, Minecraft and more – and earn points and badges along the way!

As you get started, be sure to spend a few minutes up front to create a robust user profile. The more information about yourself, your teaching style and areas of expertise you provide, the better prepared you'll be to inspire and attract others to connect with you.

Educators around the world are already realizing the benefits. Here's what just a few of our early participants are saying:

"Microsoft's new educator community is stunning! Nicely designed, general and oriented to all participants in the education field. What I like most are the courses for personal development, and mainly those on new educational tools such as Sway and OneNote. Having such a website is an important step toward global collaboration between educators all around the world. This website will help the community find what it needs and make the teaching and learning experience more global."
– Walid Chaafi, Tunisia

"Connecting with others around the globe is now easier than ever. With Skype Lessons, Mystery Skype partners, and teachers around the globe available in the new platform, your classroom is no longer confined to four walls. The world is your classroom with Microsoft Education and Skype."
– Michael Soskil, USA

"The new website is very informative and gives me opportunities to learn, to share and to collaborate with amazing educators around the global who are passionate about teaching and inspiring students by breaking up 'the wall' of classroom. My favourite part is the courses on Teaching with Technology, which help educators know how to use technology in teaching effectively. This useful page helps me adapt technology tools for my own professional development and to bring revolutionary change in education."
– Nam Ngo Thanh, Vietnam

"I love that the refresh of Microsoft's educator community puts all of the things educators love most, like Skype in the Classroom, free professional development, innovative lesson plans and so much more, in one convenient location."
– Eric Patnoudes, USA

Together, let's empower the next generation. Visit and join the educator community today!

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