Bring Ad-Free Search to Your School with Bing Video Demos Now Available

New videos explain how educators can start using Bing in the Classroom and bring ad-free search to schools in the U.S.

Teachers, have you experienced Bing in the Classroom yet? The new school year has just started and you have a classroom full of eager students waiting to be inspired to learn. In this age of digital literacy, Bing in the Classroom has the tools to help your class succeed – now and in the future. If you aren't familiar, Bing in the Classroom brings ad-free search to schools in the U.S.

With ad-free search, the ability to earn free Surface tablets for classrooms, and digital literacy lesson plans that align with Common Core standards, Microsoft's Bing in Classroom brings the transformative power of technology to schools. Inspire students to learn by providing a 21st century enhanced classroom experience with activities that teach critical thinking and search skills without the distraction of advertisements and adult content.

When parents, teachers, administrators and students combine their energy to help transform learning, something magical happens. Bing Rewards allows parents and the entire school community to earn credits just for searching the web with Bing – credits can then be donated to the school of their choice. Best of all, Microsoft will send a free Surface tablet to the school once enough credits have been donated.

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Below are videos that demonstrate how you can use Bing in the Classroom.

Introducing Bing in the Classroom is an overview of the program for IT admins and teachers. Watch this step-by-step demo to learn about navigating the homepage, using the educational carousel, and downloading lesson plans. You'll also learn how to register for safe search, and how to sign up for Bing Rewards.

Experience Bing in the Classroom introduces teachers to the many resources and tools available for the classroom, above and beyond ad-free, safer, and more private search. Watch and engage with this interactive step-by-step demo on how to navigate the homepage, leverage safe search, use the educational carousel, and find educational tools and resources for teaching. You'll also learn how to download lesson plans and how to leverage the Microsoft Educator network.

Register for Bing in the Classroom shows district and IT administrators how to register their district for Bing in the Classroom, and then message the school's parents and the community. This video also includes tips on how to earn Surface tablets for schools with Bing Rewards and how to track Rewards for schools in the district.

Resources within Bing in the Classroom

The following resources can help build a powerful and inspiring classroom. Some easy and quick implementation resources to engage students in learning include:

  • Mystery pic. A great guessing game to help students build deductive reasoning and observational skills.

  • Daily vocabulary. Each day, Bing in the Classroom offers a link to a new vocabulary word and its definition to help students build and prepare for standardized tests.

  • Explore the world around us. Experience the beautiful images, videos or panoramas which can be used to inspire conversations or as creative writing prompts.

  • Lesson plans. Access to over 1500 lesson plans developed by accredited K-12 teachers from around the globe. New lesson plans are added regularly to ensure there are always new materials for teachers to explore with students.

  • Bell ringer activities. These easy-to-implement activities help students settle down and start the day with inspirations or can be used to supplement topics covered in class.

Read more about Bing in the Classroom.

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