6 Reasons OneNote is a Student's Best Friend

OneNote, available to download free, is a slick, powerful, and remarkably effective tool that helps students organize their notes, projects, and everything in between.

Here are some tips to help students make the most of OneNote.

1. OneNote organizes all your class materials (whichever format they come in) into a single digital notebook

Include checklists or PowerPoint presentations from lectures, insert web links, organize audio or video, and tag content based on priorities. No more flipping between multiple programs or binders of handouts. With OneNote you have everything you need at your fingertips.

2. Real-time collaboration makes group work a breeze

Whether you're in the same room or across campus, working on a phone, tablet, or desktop, OneNote provides revision marks to tell you who's working on what. Capture notes and to-do's however you like quickly and simply, organize them in automatically saved and searchable digital notebooks, and collaborate for your project or group study session all within OneNote. Create cool group projects by clipping, printing, and embedding files to draw on as part of the team brainstorm.

3. Work anytime, on any device, online or offline

OneNote is the flexible notebook for your busy life. In class, at home, or in a coffee shop–OneNote automatically syncs your content for you, so even when you go offline your content is there. You no longer need to carry multiple devices or notebooks when working in multiple locations.

4. Mark the most important points in your notes and find them easily later in the ultimate study guide

With linked audio notes, you can type notes while recording audio –your typed notes stay linked to the exact location in the audio recording. While you study, you can find and listen to important audio segments just by searching for the right idea in your notes. No more struggling to remember, or type verbatim, everything your professor said for later review. With OneNote, you have the ultimate annotated study guide for every class.

5. Type, draw, handwrite-work the way you want to

Handwrite all your notes or sketch a diagram with a stylus, and OneNote will transform your handwritten notes into typed text. If you prefer typing, OneNote is designed to be fast and flexible for text, checklists, and tables. Unconventional symbols, math equations, and foreign languages are no problem when your pen allows you to write as freely as you like. Write anywhere on the page. OneNote makes taking notes and organizing information quick and easy.

6. Use linked notes feature to quiz yourself

This Quick Tip video demonstrates how to use the Dock to Desktop feature to easily create a self-checking quiz based on your research and content from various sources. Linked Notes also remember exactly where you found that piece of information or picture, so it's great for creating self-citing research inside of OneNote.

For more ideas for how to use OneNote to be organized, efficient, and collaborative with friends, check out the new OneNote interactive guides page for students. Also, find out if you are eligible for free Office with OneNote at the bottom of this student tips-and-tricks page.

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  1. Chetan1010 says:

    I am not using onenote but after listing this surely i try once. Thanks for tip.


  2. Haresh1983 says:

    I am not using one note but after listing this surely i try once. Thanks for tip.

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    I wish you would share implementation Pivot Table in your tutorial. add in next article.

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