Office 365 and the Vienna University of Economics & Business: A Partnership Driven by Students

With the global expansion of the Office 365 ProPlus Benefit, millions of students and teachers around the globe are eligible to use Office 365, giving them access to this powerful productivity free of charge.

It's interesting to hear stories of students and teacher are using Office 365 to transform learning – in Austria, the story starts with the students.

Delighting Students, Promoting Achievement

With a long history of collaboration, the Austrian Students' Union and Microsoft Austria have partnered for many years to transform learning and studying within the Austrian Higher Education space. When Office 365 ProPlus became available, the Austrian Students' Representatives at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) took it upon themselves to proactively engage in discussions with the university CIO and his team to ensure the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Benefit played a significant role in their "Delighting Students" campus program. And, their persistence paid off.

"We are delighted that we have succeeded, after long negotiations, to finally bring free Office 365 Pro Plus to all 25,000 University of Vienna students, since the offer has already been available at other universities for quite some time," said Chiara Werner Tutschku, president of the Austrian Students' Union at the Vienna University of Economics. "Through this offer, the study quality at one of the most modern and innovative universities in Europe is now even better. This is very important to us, because as student representatives, we support all initiatives that contribute to helping students achieve their studies faster, more ambitiously and with higher quality."

Ease of Use, Seamless Implementation

With Exchange Online already in place at WU, the Austrian Students' Union Representatives simply focused on communicating with their peers to foster strong adoption of Office 365 ProPlus throughout their campus. Today, more than 2,600 students are using Office 365 ProPlus on the WU campus, an adoption rate of 12 percent. And with the Austrian Students' Union taking on all program communications as well as future services requests, the university CIO office was not impacted by additional implementation work.

"WU students are characterized by high mobility. Whether on the sprawling campus or during a semester abroad at the other end of the world," adds Tutschku. "With support for all platforms, including Android, Apple and Windows, and also for tablets and smartphones, Office 365 ProPlus is able to integrate seamlessly in all parts of student environment."

Preparing Students for the Workplace of Tomorrow
In a world where youth unemployment continues to rise, it's imperative to provide students with the tools and skills for career readiness. According to Pew Research, many 21st century employers specifically require Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office-related skills. In fact, the only software package called out within the top 20 skills across all occupations is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft is committed to transforming education around the globe, and we are proud to have partnered closely with the Austrian Students' Union and WU to ensure their students have the tools they need to prepare for the challenges of a competitive global marketplace.

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