Say, Windows Hello to the End of Passwords

School year 2016 could mark the end of forgotten passwords with a new feature in Windows 10 called Windows Hello. Password resets have become a multi-million dollar business and a first-day-of-school annoyance for educators. It takes time away from instruction and puts the focus on the technology versus new learning. That is all about to change for the better with Windows 10.

Now You Are Your Password

Based on a multitude of security lessons learned and technologies pioneered in the Kinect Sensor for Xbox, Windows Hello uses biometrics to allow a fast, secure login with Windows 10 while maintaining individual privacy. In the simplest terms, students and teachers can access their devices just by looking at their webcam or using a fingerprint. If you have a Kinect for Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you have already experienced how you are recognized and signed-in automatically.

Watch the video from the Windows engineering team on how your face, fingerprint, or iris can be used as your secure password with Windows Hello. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below and how Windows Hello will enable new security for your teachers and students in academic year 2016.

Be sure to visit the Windows Blog to learn more about Windows Hello and Windows Passport capabilities in Windows 10, here.

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