Estella's Brilliant Bus – Hear More about this Mobile Classroom and Watch the Super Bowl Commercial Again

Meet Estella Pyfrom, the woman behind Estella's Brilliant Bus, featured in the Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015. Estella brings technology access to kids, literally. Her Brilliant Bus is a mobile learning station that gives underserved communities access to the technology that will help them reach their potential.

Estella, now 78, grew up and taught in the south Florida region she now crisscrosses in her bus. She knows the families of many of the children she meets – she taught their parents and their grandparents.

Many of these kids don't have computers at home, she explains, and low-income families don't have transportation to get to where the computers are located. Estella, whose parents were migrant farm workers, worked in the fields herself as a child, picking baskets of beans up and down the East Coast.

She says she learned from her father that education is key to a better life. "And technology is one of the best tools we have out there," Estella adds. "The earlier we get kids to learn technology the better off they will be."

"When kids get on this bus, they're able to learn about the world and connect with the world with Microsoft technology," she says. "And I can empower them to make their lives better."

Adults are also welcome on the Brilliant Bus, where everyone learns how to use a computer and navigate the Internet. The program is designed to improve educational and economic opportunity for all who participate.

For Estella, the fact that the ad is airing during the Super Bowl seems like a dream, read more on the Microsoft News Center.

Watch the Super Bowl commercial again that featured Estella Pyfrom:

That goal is in line with Microsoft's YouthSpark initiative, which aims to close the opportunity divide between those who have technology and those who do not by providing education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to youth around the world. Estella originally created her mobile learning center outfitted with computers that ran Microsoft technology. A few years later, she used a grant from Microsoft YouthSpark to retrofit it. Now, nearly two years later, the company is helping her upgrade her bus once again to make it even more brilliant.

A teacher for fifty years, Estella wanted to continue giving to her community as a teacher after retirement. Estella's teaching days didn't end with retirement. Estella hopes to educate 1 million kids on her Brilliant Bus by the end of 2016. With the help of Microsoft technology, she plans to continue to bring technology to children in low income communities, reaching many who do not have access computers at home. Estella aims to reach a million kids by the end of next year. "My vision is to have one bus in every city in the United States," she says.

Watch more about Estella:

Join us as we celebrate empowering stories of teachers who achieve their goals, helped in part by Microsoft technology.

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