Guest blog by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Innovative Educator: Resolve to Take Time for Professional Learning with a Free Virtual Teacher Academy

Guest blog by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Innovative Educator

Time. It is a precious commodity for any educator. We want to learn. We know we need to learn and keep our professional practice of teaching fresh and current. However, when do we fit personal learning into our schedules? The classroom is demanding every moment we can give it, and then we have families that need our attention as well. We might have an odd hour or two that we could fit new learning in, yet the hour might not align to anyone else's free time. What is an educator to do? Virtual, online learning is a solution!

Four free virtual training offerings are coming up in a professional learning webcast series for teachers. Join us as we explore more about teaching with 21st Century Learning Design, Windows 8, Office 365, and OneNote. Discover how technology in the classroom can save you time, and improve student success by registering to attend:

  • OneNote for Collaborative Lessons and Cooperative Curriculum – This is a must for collaboration and communication with an amazing tools available to all teachers and students. Series of 3 webinars starts January 20, 2015.

  • Office 365 for Personalized Learning and Career and College Readiness – Why do I want it, how do I get it, and what tools will it give my class? Series of 3 starts January 26, 2015.

  • Windows 8.1 in the Classroom for Personalized Learning – We have been talking about personalized learning for years and with this operating system it is a reality, let's find out why. Series of 3 starts February 4, 2015.

  • 21st Century Learning Design – Learn how to ramp up your rich learning activities with this series based on research conducted by the Stanford Research Institute. Seven part series starts February 24, 2015.

Register and learn more about these Virtual Teacher Academies and receive a certificate of completion when you complete a series. Still having trouble finding time? Each of these will be recorded, so if you miss 1 session, you can still complete the series. Go on and register, then they will be available on demand after the published date and time for you to view as your schedule permits. It's TIME to learn educators!

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