Guest blog by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Innovative Educator: Maximize Classroom Potential with OneNote Class Notebook Creator

Guest blog by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Innovative Educator

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator, the incredible app for education, is maximizing classroom potential and has educators I know exploding with excitement. The app provides true classroom collaboration, e-resource, student personalized workspace and notebooks that educators have been asking for since first discovering OneNote. If you haven't heard much about this app before, be sure read the OneNote Class Notebook blog post which details the new features and enhancements requested by educators! There is a step-by-step click through guide for using the updated OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Also, be sure you check out, which provides several excellent step-by-step guides for everything you need to know to be up and running in OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook Creator in no time.

Like learning any new tool, there are a couple of things to remember and keep in mind as you adopt this new classroom best practice. When working with the OneNote Class Notebook Creator, you should be in your OneDrive for Business in your Office 365 account. Click the settings icon, gear next to your picture/icon in the top right corner. Go to Site Contents and then select OneNote Class Notebook Creator (purple) app

This screen will then launch:

Select #1 to create a brand new OneNote notebook for a class. It will prompt you to name the notebook and set up the tabs/sections in both the teacher content space and the student workspace. If you want to edit the name of Content or Collaboration section group, be sure to leave the underscore as the first character of the name. This places those section groups at the beginning of your OneNote.

Select #2 any time you want to add students. If you are just starting a class notebook, you add students here. If you need to add students to an existing Class Notebook, you add students here. Any time you are adding students, you add them here. If you need to delete a student, go into your Class Notebook and right click or control click that student's section group (tab) and select delete. *Note: This is a permanent action. Once you delete a student, you cannot undo or back arrow the delete. You can always add a student back to a class notebook, but their work must be recreated.

Select #3 to add another teacher to your OneNote class notebook. This might be a co-teacher, a substitute teacher, or any teacher/admin you want to able to add/edit content and see the work of the students. This is a feature you have asked for and the team delivered!

Select #4 to view any of your existing notebooks. You can also access any of your existing Class Notebooks when you go to your Site Contents and choose EduOneNoteAppDocuments. Part of the app update also provides additional ways to access and find these notebooks.

Find them through Class Notebooks:

Find them through Notebook Links:

Find your notebooks in Shared with me:

Tip! The Content Library is for the teacher to provide content, e-resources, documents, pictures, or whatever is relevant to the course. As the teacher, you can copy and move any content into your student's notebook sections (but you will have to do it one student as a time) OR your students may copy and move from your Content Library into their section group. Students may not edit or change your content in the Content Library. So if you want to provide handouts, quizzes, worksheets and more to your students, this is the place. At the end of the course, semester, or year, your students may want to keep their OneNote notebook with all the content you have provided as well as the collaboration work and their own section group of tabs. They can by simply going to File, then Export and save their OneNote as an OneNote package (.onepkg). 

They can now move it to a flash drive or store it on their own OneDrive so they will always have access to their course/e-Portfolio of work.

Reminder to check out these additional resources for teachers:

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