Microsoft Education Partners Integrate with Office 365 to Transform Learning

The world's most innovative technology companies are developing education products for Office 365. Why? Because Office 365 provides more of what schools and educators need to manage their schools and classrooms today – real, robust solutions like OneDrive for Business, Lync, Skype, Office Mix and OneNote that help change the way students learn in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

This week in Miami, we will be highlighting the amazing work from a select group of our development partners at the Microsoft in Education Global Forum where we just announced the new Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Showcase Schools. At the forum we are meeting with education leaders, government officials and school leaders from more than 15 Latin American countries, along with the U.S. and Canada. Together, they will get a chance to preview new partner hardware and software and to see how their peers are using these tools to achieve measurable results.

Our partners develop for Office 365 because it's different – and that's a good thing. With its open ecosystem and enterprise-ready safe, secure, scalable systems, Office 365 is the ideal platform for learning. In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently called Office 365 the most strategic API for the company. Partners like these are leading the way in making Satya's statement a reality developing unique and educationally relevant scenarios on top of the powerful productivity platform Office 365 provides:

  • Ability to turn teaching textbooks into interactive digital books with Oxford University Press's Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app. The resulting Office 365 app makes it easier for schools and universities to distribute textbooks in a cost-effective way, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere.

  • Offer online courses to enhance digital learning with Desire2Learn's Brightspace platform. This digital learning platform that places entire courses online, alongside resources such as discussion forums, course content, quizzes, surveys and other materials. With Office 365 integration, Brightspace is now able to provide students access to their emails and calendars, as well as enabling collaboration with classmates, all without having to leave the platform.

  • Deliver learning management with LMS 365 by ELEARNINGFORCE. LMS 365 is a native Office 365 solution powered by Azure, delivering a learning management system that is usable, extensible, and robust – offering an easy to use platform for its users. Customers already running Office 365 can simply add the LMS365 learning apps to their existing intranet, extranet and team sites.

  • Host an e-learning content repository in the cloud with EduShare by ITWORX Education. In developing its recently launched solution EduShare, integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to provide a cloud-based e-learning content repository. Educational institutions use EduShare to provide teaching and learning resources such as lesson plans, research, multimedia, and all other types of educational content on any device with a web browser. EduShare is a free portal that is linked to Office 365, and represents a core aspect of the Global Alliance Agreement established between ITWORX Education and Microsoft.
  • Run a campus management system that helps universities improve student experience through the cloud with CampusNet® by Datenlotsen . CampusNet® can be access across platforms. Based on Office 365 and SharePoint, the tool makes it possible to connect collaboration and communication tools to existing campus management systems, giving students and teachers a single sign-on access to all relevant information and materials in one central space.

  • Empower educators to help them effectively manage their organizations with Knowledge Network. Using Office 365, it turns data into meaningful information that helps leaders to make better decision and educators to deliver personalized learning pathways to young people to help them learn, progress and achieve their aspirations in life.

For more examples of partner innovations, or to find a list of partners that you can contact visit our new Office 365 education solutions page.

All of this innovation ultimately benefits educators and students alike. For teachers, Office 365 provides increased personal contact, real-time feedback, instructional adjustments based on data, and ongoing collaboration. Teachers using Office Mix can create lessons or get real-time data about student performance. And with Skype and Lync, they can present lessons, share documents, and connect with classrooms and experts around the globe — or use Yammer to encourage discussion and collaboration throughout the school.

The familiar tools of Office 365 not only simplify technology integration, they prepare students for collaborating in the global, connected world they will face after graduation. Students in the U.S. are eligible for free Office 365 ProPlus from their school using a self-service sign-up process. With its cloud-based browser, Office 365, makes it easy for students to collaborate and work from their favorite device, virtually anywhere and anytime.

We're proud that our classroom technology has opened up countless opportunities for students. But all opportunities come with challenges, and ensuring that classroom technology is used in a safe, secure manner is one of those challenges. It's also a big part of our obligation as technology creators and innovators. We believe the use of student data must be prohibited for use in sales, marketing and advertising and we work actively to ensure that our education products live up to the high expectations of children, parents and legislators. As part of our commitment, Microsoft has led the signing of the "K-12 School Service Provider Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy." The Pledge holds Microsoft and other signatories accountable for collecting and using data strictly for educational purposes, and not for commercial purposes including creating user profiles for advertising, or targeted advertising. You can find out more about Microsoft's commitment to keeping your data safe and secure at the Microsoft Office 365 Trust Center.

It is Microsoft's long-held belief that digital technology, used in the right ways, has the power to transform education and to provide young people with the tools to help them do more and achieve more. It's also one of the reasons why we created the company-wide Microsoft YouthSpark initiative that provides young people around the world with education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. The exceptional partners, educators and schools at the Miami Global Forum are a shining example of how we can work together and around the world to ensure that every student, no matter where or how they live, can experience the best education possible. The future is indeed bright, and transformation is alive and well.

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