Technology Enriched Instruction in the 21st Century

Thoughtfully designed and applied use of technology in teaching can make educators more effective, provide much needed flexibility and efficiency, and can result in greater success and satisfaction for students and faculty alike. To address the learning needs of an increasingly diverse student population, educators need to offer personalized instruction that can help students prosper and meet educator goals.

Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction (TEI) workshop is designed to help higher education faculty develop competencies that will enable them to effectively select and use technology tools and resources in their teaching. Microsoft recognizes that supporting faculty, and their students, with the instructional integration of information technology is critical for improving workforce capacity and providing a foundation for building community and local economies ready to compete in today's changing economic environments.

Using familiar tools like Office 365 not only simplifies the integration of technology in higher education, it prepares students for collaborating in the global, connected world they will face after graduation.

Increased personal contact, real time feedback, instructional adjustments based on data, and ongoing collaboration made possible by integrating Office 365, Office Mix, Yammer, Skype, Lync, and more can help educators deliver the personalized instruction that students need.

For example, Office 365, with its cloud based browser, makes it easy for students to collaborate with others. Students can work from their favorite device, virtually anywhere and anytime. With Office Mix, educators can create lessons or get real time data about student performance. With Lync they can present a lesson or share a document with students or use Yammer to encourage discussion and collaboration throughout the institution.

During a Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction workshop, participants gain experience with Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge ( TPACK) and 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD). Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction uses inquiry-based learning so that participants can actively experience a range of technologies and digital resources that can positively impact teaching and learning. Hands-on practice with tools and insight into how they might change or enhance course activities and assignments provides a powerful mechanism to integrate technology into their instruction. Participants who complete this workshop receive Microsoft Faculty Fellow status and a certificate of completion from Microsoft and the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE).

Conducted on a worldwide scale, Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction are well received in countries ranging from China, Ukraine, Mexico as well as Canada and the USA. To learn more about Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction workshops, download the workshop brochure.

Photos of faculty at a recent Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction Workshop

The pressure is on for educators to respond often and more quickly and interact more with students, to collect and use data in their courses, and to meet reporting requirements. In this always-connected, always-on world, technology makes it possible for higher education to deliver the broad, engaged, and collaborative education needed by 21st-century students.

For more on Dynamic 21st- Century Teaching, read the whitepaper (PDF).

Microsoft Technology Enriched Instruction workshops support professional development and are a great example of Microsoft's commitment to augment education practices with the use of technology and be at the forefront of the digital transformation in education.

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